link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input PolicyNetworkResourceTopologyMutationDataInput {
  • # Creates/modifies the specified islands setting the specified device lists for
  • # the island, while keeping other existing islands. Unlike other creation
  • # operations that occur using unique name (it Test(1)) the name specified for an
  • # island must match, such that if the island exists, it is modified.
  • addIslands: [PolicyNetworkResourceTopologyIslandMutationDataInput]
  • # Delete the specified island. Associated devices are moved to the default island.
  • # If a specified island is the default island in the topology it can not be
  • # deleted and an error is returned.
  • removeIslands: [String]
  • # Replace all islands with the specified list and assoicated devices. One island
  • # must be declared default. Omitted devices will be added to the default island
  • # automatically.
  • islands: [PolicyNetworkResourceTopologyIslandMutationDataInput]
  • # Creates/modifies the specified islands by APPENDING the current devices in the
  • # island with the specified devices for each island
  • addDevices: [PolicyNetworkResourceTopologyIslandMutationDataInput]
  • defaultIsland: String
  • name: String
  • }