PVI Service ID modification payload containing identifier specifying what Service ID change, and mutation data specifying what fields in the object to change.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input PviNsiMutationConfigInput {
  • # Unique identifier optionally passed into input object of any query/mutation
  • # call, returned in the corresponding response output.
  • operationId: String
  • # DEPRECATED - Replaced by operationId. NBI responses will not return this value
  • # anymore.
  • clientMutationId: String
  • # Name of domain being modified. Validates the intended domain has been opened
  • # first via openDomain. Editing a different domain that has not been explicitly
  • # opened first returns an error.
  • domainName: String!
  • # Specifies what the operation type is (Create/Delete/Modify).
  • mutationType: DomainMutationTypeInput!
  • # Name of PVI Service ID to modify/delete. Not required for mutationType=Create.
  • dataIdentifier: String
  • # PVI Service ID data fields to modify.
  • mutationData: PolicyPviNsiMutationDataInput
  • }