CoPilot License Violations

If there are fewer CoPilot licenses in the license pool than CoPilot-eligible devices, the 30-day grace period activates for some of your devices. If you have devices using the grace period, a banner displays the following information:

LICENSE VIOLATION - Grace period is active. Check affected devices here

This message warns you that your devices have entered the 30 day grace period, after which you can no longer manage them.

After the grace period for a device expires, the device is CoPilot unlicensed. The CoPilot feature excludes unlicensed devices and does not process data from those devices. Anomalies and statistical reports are not reported in CoPilot. If you have devices for which the grace period has expired, a banner displays the following information:

Some CoPilot eligible devices do not have a CoPilot license allocated. To benefit from the full value of CoPilot, consider adding CoPilot licenses for all devices that are eligible. Contact your Extreme or partner representative for assistance. Check affected devices here.

The banner appears only on the CoPilot dashboard. After you dismiss the banner, it does not reappear for a week.

While the CoPilot license violation is active, standard CoPilot features are not affected unless there is an active Pilot license violation. CoPilot license violations and Pilot license violations can be active at the same time.

To resolve a CoPilot license violation:

Multiple accounts

To help prevent license shortages, you can select which VIQs (accounts) use CoPilot. Enable or disable ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot for each ExtremeCloud IQ account in Global Settings > Administration > VIQ Management > Enable/Disable CoPilot feature for this VIQ.



If you have multiple ExtremeCloud IQ accounts with ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot linked to the same license pool, there might not be enough licenses to satisfy your requirements. For example, if two branches in different geolocations share the same pool, the first come, first served rule applies. To resolve this situation, do one of the following:

  • Disable ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot for the ExtremeCloud IQ account that is in violation.
  • Add the required number of ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot licenses.