Connectivity Experiences

The Connectivity Experiences tab uses widgets and an interactive table to display information about connection quality. Many parts of the widgets and table are interactive. Mouse over to see more details.

The following sections contain widgets that indicate the number of sites for each quality index level: low, medium, and high quality.

Select a widget to display only the wired or wireless sites for the selected quality index level.

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Connectivity Experiences table
Connectivity Experiences table

The table displays connection quality information for the previous 24 hours. Use the controls found at the top of the page to customize your view of the table:

Display all sites (default) or select a specific site from the menu. Start typing a site name to search the menu for a particular site.

To return to the default view, select X.

Connectivity Type
Display all clients (default), or select only wireless, or only wired clients.

To return to the default view, select X.

Quality Index
Select Low (1–5), Medium (6–8), or High (8–9). The table updates to display the wired and wireless sites that match your selection.

To return to the default view, select X.

Select the time period for which you want to display connection quality trends information. This setting controls the Quality Index resolution:

When you select a duration of a week or less, the resolution is 10 minutes. If you select a longer duration, the resolution is one hour.

Search by Location
Search for and display connection quality information for a site. Select X to return to the previous table view.

To sort the table results according to Site or Quality Index, hover the mouse to the right of the corresponding column label, and select the Dimmed arrow icon. To change the sort order of the same column, select the Arrow icon,.