efa scvmm settings

A set of commands for viewing and configuring EFA Hyper-V settings


efa scvmm settings update --poll-frequency string
efa scvmm settings show

Command Default

This command has no defaults.


Updates the poll frequency value used when polling the Microsoft SCVMM servers registered as tenants of this EFA instance. This is a global value and is applicable to all the SCVMM tenants.
Displays the configured poll frequency value for this EFA instance
--poll-frequency string
The polling frequency value in hours. Enter a value in the range 1-24 hours.


This example configures the poll frequency to five (5) hours.

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ efa scvmm settings update --poll-frequency 5
SCVMM service settings updated successfully
--- Time Elapsed: 41.740442ms ---

This example shows the current configuration of the poll frequency setting.

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ efa scvmm settings show

SCVMM Service Settings
| Poll Frequency Hours |
| 5                    |
Setting Details
--- Time Elapsed: 5.942588ms ---