Create the vCenter Tenant

About this task

Add the VMware vCenter Server to the EFA vCenter Service instance. Do the following:


  1. Use the efa tenant create command to create your tenant entry. When creating your tenant, ensure that you provision adequate number of VLANs that are available for use.
  2. Once you have created the new tenant, verify that the devices you added are added to the correct fabric. Use the efa inventory device list command to do so.


This command will create a tenant entry that is used when registering a VMware vCenter Server with EFA.


This command creates a tenant entry with the name vcenter-

$ efa tenant create --name vcenter- --vlan-range 2-4096 --port[0/10],[0/10] 

Use this command to verify if the devices that you have added to the fabric are associated with the correct fabric.

$ efa inventory device list

root@ubuntu:~# efa inventory device list
| IP Address | Host Name | Model | Chassis Name | Firmware | ASN   | Role | Fabric       |
|  | FRE-134   |       |              |          | 65001 | leaf | efa-fabric-1 |              
|  | FRE-135   |       |              |          | 65001 | leaf | efa-fabric-1 |              
Device Details
--- Time Elapsed: 32.932576ms ---