This document introduces the licenses and feature packs available for the ExtremeXOS 22.2 software and lists the features they support.

The ExtremeXOS software supports the following license options:

The Edge license provides a basic feature set and the Core license includes the highest level of functionality. Each license level builds on the features of the license level below it. For example, the Advanced Edge license includes all of the features in the Edge license, plus the features in the Advance Edge license. The Core license includes all of the features in the Edge license, Advanced Edge license, plus the features in the Core license. The following table lists the software licenses available for each platform that supports ExtremeXOS software.



The Advanced Core license is no longer offered.
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Standard and Upgrade Licenses for ExtremeXOS Switches

Switch Platform Edge License Advanced Edge License Core License
ExtremeSwitching X440-G2 series Standard Upgrade
ExtremeSwitching X620 series Standard Upgrade
Summit X450-G2 series Standard Upgrade Upgrade
Summit X460-G2 series Standard Upgrade
Summit X670-G2 series Standard Upgrade
Summit X770 series Standard Upgrade
ExtremeSwitching X870 Standard Upgrade

Software keys are stored in the EEPROM and, once enabled, persist through reboots, software upgrades, power outages, and reconfigurations. The keys are unique to the switch and are not transferable.

If you attempt to execute a command and you either do not have the required license or have reached the limits defined by the current license level, the system returns one of the following messages:

Error: This command cannot be executed at the current license level.
Error: You have reached the maximum limit for this feature at this license level.