CE2.0 Certification Additions

This features adds CE2.0 (previously known as MEF) certification. This certification involves the following changes:
  • Removal of the preamble and interframe gap (IFG) overhead for the rate policing and shaping functions
  • Support for meter out-of-profile action for setting a specified 802.1p value
  • Support for ACL match criteria “ccos” for matching customer 802.1p on UNI or NNI ports

Supported Platforms

Summit X450-G2, X460-G2, X670-G2, X770, and ExtremeSwitching X620, X440-G2 series switches

New CLI Commands

configure forwarding rate-limitoverhead-bytes overhead_bytes

Changed CLI Commands

Changes are underlined.

configure metermetername [{committed-rate circommitted-rate-unit {max-burst-size burst-size [Kb | Mb | Gb | packets]}] {out-actions [{disable-port} {drop | set-drop-precedence {dscp [dscp-value | none]} {dot1p [dot1p-value | none]}} {log} {trap}]} {ports [port_group | port_list] }

The output of the show forwarding configuration command now shows rate limit information (shown in bold):
# show forwarding configuration 
L2 and L3 Forwarding table hash algorithm: 
    Configured hash algorithm:              crc32 
    Current hash algorithm:                 crc32 
L3 Dual-Hash configuration:  (Applies to "c", "xl"-series and 8900-40GX-xm) 
    Configured setting:                     on 
    Current setting:                        on 
    Dual-Hash Recursion Level:              1 
Hash criteria for IP unicast traffic for L2 load sharing and ECMP route sharing 
    Sharing criteria:                       L3_L4 
IP multicast: 
    Group Table Compression:                on 
    Local Network Forwarding:               slow-path 
    Lookup-Key:                             (SourceIP, GroupIP, VlanId) 
External lookup tables: 
    Configured Setting:                     l2-and-l3 
    Current Setting:                        l2-and-l3 
Switch Settings: 
    Switching mode:                         store-and-forward 
L2 Protocol: 
    Fast convergence:                       on 

Rate Limit: 
    Overhead Bytes:                         20 
Fabric Flow Control: 
Fabric Flow Control:                        auto