Resolved Issues in ExtremeXOS 21.1

The following issues were resolved in ExtremeXOS 21.1. ExtremeXOS 21.1 includes all fixes up to and including ExtremeXOS, and earlier, ExtremeXOS 12.0.5, ExtremeXOS 12.1.7, ExtremeXOS 12.2.2-patch1-12, ExtremeXOS 12.3.6, ExtremeXOS 12.4.5, ExtremeXOS 12.5.5, ExtremeXOS 12.6.3, ExtremeXOS 12.6.5, ExtremeXOS 12.7.1, ExtremeXOS 15.1.5, ExtremeXOS 15.2.4, ExtremeXOS 15.3.3, ExtremeXOS 15.4.1, ExtremeXOS 15.5.1, ExtremeXOS 15.5.2, ExtremeXOS 15.6.1, ExtremeXOS 15.6.2, ExtremeXOS 15.7.1, ExtremeXOS 16.1, ExtremeXOS 16.1.2, and ExtremeXOS 16.1.3. For information about those fixes, see the release notes for the specific release.

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Resolved Issues, Platform-Specific, and Feature Change Requests (CRs)

CR Number Description
xos0050771 The command show access-list dynamic counters does not display the complete MAC address of VMs and it may not be possible to read the counters correctly from the output.
xos0052723 With L3VPN configured (also: OSPF, BGP, MPLS, LSP) and routes are being advertised and installed in the VRF routing table, after restarting process OSPF, VPN routes are not installed.
xos0056829 Switches do not re-send the Group Specific Query following the last_member_query_interval (1 second).
xos0057231 An FDB entry created by ARP with "i" flag set is not removed from the FDB table after a static entry for the same IP address is added with a different MAC value.
xos0057269 SNMP trap extremeIpSecurityViolation is sent with incorrect VLAN description.
xos0057374 Switch odometer value is reinitialized when Master Switch Fabric Module (MSM) fails to read the value.
xos0057672 The process rtmgr ends unexpectedly when disabling GRE tunnels.
xos0058669 DHCPv6 client: After changing the client identifier type, and then restarting the port, old IPv6 addresses are not released, causing the show vlan command to show multiple IPv6 addresses.
xos0058750 Neighbor discovery packets are duplicated in L2 VLANs when IPv6 addresses are configured for other VLANs that do not have any ports.
xos0059942 SSH connection ends when show commands produce lengthy output.
xos0060092 Fetching values using SNMP for "extremePortQosStatsTable" does not work correctly.
xos0060643 Commands for downloading and installing images should use active/inactive options when specifying partitions (in addition to current primary/secondary options).
xos0061085 Kernel oops occurs while deleting VR with enable BGP export and IPARP proxy configurations.
xos0061173 L2PT packets are dropped when ingress port is configured with software learning.
xos0061198 Disabling VPN-VRF affects traffic on another VPN-VRF.
xos0061219 Parallel-mode-enabled DHCP offer is sent using primary IPv4 address to the client for multiple offers received from server for different IPv4 addresses.
xos0061247 Configuring IPv6 Syslog target in a specific format produces an incomplete command error, even though the command is complete.
xos0061331 Bootprelay for VRF is not supported. Commands to configure bootprelay should reflect this.
xos0061445 After creating and enabling an STPD, the command configure "Default" add ports 1 tagged stpd "s1" adds ports to the Default VLAN, but not with STPD domain, even though the error "Command Aborted and no changes were made" appears.
xos0061465 IPv6 source address that is not configured on any VLAN in the given VR is accepted as from source IP. Issue does not occur with IPv4.
xos0061507 SNMPget on EXTREME-SOFTWARE-MONITOR table returns value with incorrect OID.
xos0061517 LACP adjacency fails while forwarding the PDU with l2pt profile over L2VPN tunnels when MPLS PHP is enabled.
xos0061565 The TCL function, “clock scan," generates errors with default time zone configuration.
xos0061656 Nodes remain in the "FDBSync" state due to temp-flooding while rebooting the stack.
xos0061788 The process devmgr ends unexpectedly during snmpwalk when continuous EMS logs are sent to the switch console.
xos0062017 DHCP trusted port configuration is lost after disabling, and then re-enabling LAG.
xos0062018 For IPv6 routes with mask lengths greater than 64-bits, IPv6 unicast packets destined for the switch CPU can be dropped if another IPv6 route is present with a matching prefix and mask length less than or equal to 64-bits. This issue affects Summit X460-G2, X670-G2, and X770 switches.
xos0062133 STP flush event does not happen after ports are quickly disabled, and then enabled.
xos0062145 With QoS configuration, ACL process signal 11 ends unexpectedly after rebooting.
xos0062240 Port that was administratively disabled becomes up after enabling rx pause.
xos0062271 CLI memory leak occurs when executing show commands with include option through script.
xos0062277 The command show vlan vlan_list does not show information for dynamic VLANs nor the Default VLAN. Error appears.
xos0062290 Due to ExtremeXOS reflection RSTP BPDU support, upstream bridges believe that they are receiving their own BPDUs (contain the bridge's ID), thus causing multisource events during topology changes, which can cause slow convergence times when lp is configured (upwards of 30 seconds).
xos0062427 EDP process ends unexpectedly when CDP packets without portId TLV are received.
xos0062441 The process rtMgr ends unexpectedly when IPv6 static route is deleted.
xos0062472 Source MAC addresses learned through CDP packets received on EAPS-blocked ports cause traffic to be dropped.
xos0062570 In SummitStacks, executing the command enable sflow ports all enables sFlow inappropriately on stacking ports.
xos0062705 Kernel oops can occur after clearing IPMC FDB in a stack.
xos0062789 Disabling learning on LAG ports does not flush FDB entries.
xos0062879 Transceiver information shows same Rx power value for 4x10G partition ports even though some ports are in ready state.
xos0063089 Kernel oops triggered infrequently during continuous addition/deletion of ARP entries for long durations.
xos0063359 The process rtmgr might end unexpectedly after executing <i>disable bgp</i>, and then <i>enable bgp</i>, or after <i>disable port</i>, and then <i>enable port</i>, or after rebooting a switch containing BGP routes.
xos0063368 In an MLAG configured switch, FDBs are not installed in hardware after reboot if there are frequent MACMoves between MLAG port and ISC.
Summit X460-G2 Series Switches
xos0061486 Combo ports have unsupported autonegotiation and half-duplex settings.
xos0062425 On Summit X460-G2 series switches, the primary port is incorrectly set as 40 when it should be 41. Under certain conditions, this can cause a kernel crash.
xos0062855 On the Summit X460-G2 series switches, VPLS packets are forwarded with two tags when the service VLAN ports are also members of an untagged VMAN.
xos0063071 Add support for ONEPolicy IP socket classification.
Summit X450-G2 Series Switches
xos0060129 On Summit X450-G2 series switches, 10/100/1000BASE-T SFP+ optics do not link to similar optics when in the SFP/SFP+ ports. They do link or partially link when connected to a regular triple speed copper port.
xos0061704 With SSH2 enabled, reboot the switch and force some other standby node to become the master node. Key becomes invalid on new master node.
Summit X670-G2
xos0061791 On SummitStacks containing master and standby nodes of different switches, the standby node may go to failed state after a node reboot.
xos0062166 On Summit X670-G2 series switches configured with L3VPN, executing the clear iparp command causes the switch to reboot with Kernel Oops.
xos0063204 Traffic stops on LAG ports when frequently modifying the sharing group.
xos0057835 In SummitStacks, clear-flow sampling period is incorrectly calculated.
xos0061799 Precedence order between policy port rules and policy MAC-based rules is not preserved following a master/backup Failover.
xos0061841 FDB entries are not learned again after limit learning is unconfigured, and then configured again, with PSTAG configuration in SummitStacks.
xos0061957 HAL process ends unexpectedly during failover when switches have ACL policy without meter action.
xos0062084 Rebooting modules with only policy configurations clears their policy port configurations when they rejoins the stack.
xos0062123 Port groups do not appear in the show configuration command. However, they do appear in the show ports group command.
xos0062238 On a stacked system, configuration of a user-defined CoS value's etsysCos8021dPriority using the MIB can return success when the set actually failed (as seen by a subsequent get).
xos0062291 Applying the same policy MAC admin rule to multiple ports produces the following error message: hardware configuration of rule failed for policy.
xos0062367 ACL process ends unexpectedly on repeated refresh of ACL policy with clear-flow action.
xos0062504 You can set a GPTP "peer delay current interval" outside of the correct range of -3 to 17..
xos0062522 In SummitStack switches, standby slots go to failed state when a very large number of log messages are continuously generated in the switch.
xos0063242 Stacks configured as DHCP clients do not respond to pinging after failover.
xos0063344 With MLAG and LAG configurations, when a stack node comes up after a reboot, FDB entries flooded from other slots are programmed on incorrect ports internally.
xos0054348 Cannot delete flow names after deleting, and then creating, the flow while the ACL is installed.
xos0054714 When ACLs are applied in both ingress and egress directions, you cannot see egress direction using SNMP. When a policy has more than one counter, using SNMP, you can only check the updates from the first counter, and subsequent counters do not appear.
xos0059924 The output of the command show access-list meter ports displays additional meter name when only one meter is applied using ACL policy.
xos0060716 Need support for new ACL action "redirect-vlan" to redirect matched packets to all ports in specified VLANs.
xos0061922 Dynamic ACLs applied as "any" fail to install in hardware after upgrading ExtremeXOS from any release other than EXOS 15.3.
xos0062156 ACL Manager API slice type can be off by one.
xos0062537 HAL crash occurs when redirect-port-list action contains more than 64 ports.
xos0062619 SSH access-profile using policy does not work with IPv6 addresses.
xos0063172 ACL action "redirect-port-list" does not take effect when another slice has a rule to match all packets with deny action.
xos0062494 Source MAC addresses learned through MVRP packets on a blocked port (STP) cause traffic to be dropped.
xos0058441 After creating a BGP peering session between link local IPv6 addresses with the scope ID specified, deleting the VLAN containing link local IPv6 address. and then issuing the command show configuration bgp, switch reboots with Epm application wdg timer warning error message.
xos0060641 When BGP is administratively shut down, it does not send notifications to peers.
xos0060680 Switch stops responding after executing clear bgp neighbor all counters on a switch without BGP configuration.
xos0060749 Configuring, enabling, disabling, or deleting BGP neighbors using link local address results in the following error message:
Error: cmBackendXmlParseEnd Failed to convert "bgpCfgPeerRemoteAddr" value "fe80::204:96ff:fe97:efef/brian-to-112"
xos0061129 In a multi-peer setup with many routes (over 150K), a few routes from the preferred peer do not become active in the BGP RIB. Disabling, and then re-enabling peer, restores all routes.
xos0061411 Route table installs sub-optimal BGP routes (next-hop) to kernel, while the BGP RIB shows different paths when same routes are received from two different peers in local-RIB <
xos0061505 After a topology change in the network, BGP routes requiring two levels of recursive lookup are programmed in hardware with incorrect next hops.
xos0062260 BGP process ends unexpectedly when local address or password is changed for BGP neighbor, and then you immediately execute a BGP show/configuration command.
xos0060354 ExtremeXOS Chalet using IPv6 does not work with HTTPS.
xos0062016 Command line process memory leak occurs when accessing switches with Chalet.
xos0063255 In Chalet, VLANs are sorted incorrectly.
xos0062629 Clearflow rule does not work properly if there is dot(.) in the ACL counter.
xos0061038 Loops occur in EAPS-protected VLANs, after peer reboot, if a VLAN‘s port is also protected by ELSM.
xos0061385 EAPS process ends unexpectedly after deleting EAPS shared-port configuration.
xos0062460 The show configuration command output shows incorrect ELRP configuration.
xos0062618 ELRP forgets the disabled port information if the port is deleted from another VLAN that also has ELRP enabled. As a result, the disabled port stays disabled unless manually enabled.
xos0061965 Configuring ESRP member VLANs (VRRP-enabled) produces errors.
xos0062914 The process mcmgr ends unexpectedly after receiving corrupted IGMPv3 join packets on MLAG ports.
xos0062428 Member ports with a modified speed configuration that is different than the master port should not be allowed in LAG.
xos0063365 Frequent MLAG bulk syncs observed due to checksum mismatch between MLAG peers when ISC port was added as an untagged port to a tagged VLAN and VRRP was running between the peers.
xos0059596 Can add more than one LSP a pseudo-wire when it is associated with a VPWS.
xos0061092 Traffic forwarding on VPLS-serviced VMAN stops after link flap.
xos0061943 MPLS process ends unexpectedly when get-next is done with incomplete OID for mplsXCIndex.
xos0062045 LLDP packets are tunnelled over L2VPn.
xos0062300 CEP CVID Ranges, other than first VLAN, fail when access port is a trunk.
xos0062301 Packet drops occurs between customer edge switches when VMAN and CVID tag are the same.
xos0062380 Switch rejects incorrect LSP configurations as expected, but this operation still uses LSP indexes in hardware.
xos0062754 VPLS traffic egresses out with dot1q tag when secondary EtherType is configured.
xos0063271 Layer 3 packets in non-default virtual routers are slow-path forwarded after disabling MPLS in the peer switch.
xos0063478 Traffic drop occurs while adding new member port to the existing LAG group and PSTAG is configured on the port.
xos0060531 Deleting VMAN deletes the VLAN configuration, but not associated OpenFlow logical ports.
xos0059007 QSFP+ to SFP+ adapter support is added to work with all optical SFP+ transceivers with the exception of LRM and passive copper direct attach cables.
xos0060018 With a 0.5M, 40G QSFP MOLEX passive copper cable inserted, disabling the port where the optic is inserted, rebooting, and then enabling the port, the port stays in the ready state and doesn't come up as enabled.
xos0060264 The output of the show port transceiver info command for optics inserted in 40G/100G ports might be abnormally lengthy if the same command is executed from two different CLI sessions simultaneously.
xos0062719 Allow use of 3rd-party optics without any additional license.
xos0063120 Error message "CFP2 modules >= 18 W unsupported" incorrectly appears for Finisar Corp CFP2 LR4 optics.
xos0061855 Configured OSPF neighbor is not retained after rebooting.
xos0063380 Error message appears after rebooting switch with OSPF configuration: "Error while loading "ospfInterface": ERROR: is not a valid configured neighbor for interface".
xos0062113 The show power command output does not display power usage for PSUs with part numbers starting with “800515”.
xos0061027 For SummitStacks, creating or deleting non-default QoS profiles may cause some ports to flap.
xos0062050 QoS committed rate configurations for port groups are not loaded properly after a save and reboot.
xos0057679 Account user name and password are not encrypted in logs when cli-config-logging is enabled.
xos0058808 Rarely, MAC addresses of authenticated clients learned on NetLogin-enabled ports are not programmed in hardware.
xos0060909 In UPM profiles the variable EVENT.TIME incorrectly has the current time rather than the time when the event was queued/triggered.
xos0061433 extremeNetloginUserLogoutTrap is received with errors.
xos0061597 After authenticating a NetLogin client, executing the command clear netlogin state port, and then checking that ID-mgmt has deleted the clients, log displays UnDscvrId EMS message, which does not indicate the identity user.
xos0061652 Netlogin Dot1x: Authenticated value should be "Yes, Local" for clients with invalid password authenticated on auth failure VLAN.
xos0061781 Identity manager entries become stale when clients are moved from one port to another in sub-VLANs.
xos0061797 Dot1x client moves to authentication failure VLAN if authentication failed due to incorrect supplicant password or framework failure, such as error in VLAN movement, etc.; even if web-based NetLogin is enabled.
xos0061820 Dot1x clients move to authentication failure VLAN when web-based NetLogin is enabled globally.
xos0061868 With protocol order as MAC dot1x, web-based UPM profile is not executed for the client, which is authenticated as MAC.
xos0062366 After rebooting, DHCP binding entries are not restored using vr-default.
xos0062674 UPM profile fails to set the variables received from the RADIUS server using VSA 212.
xos0062965 Policy process ends unexpectedly with signal 6 when master node goes down.
xos0063090 Netlogin client does not move into authfail VLAN when user is absent from local database.
xos0063248 NTP MD5 authentication with NTP server is failing.
xos0063445 NetLogin: FDB is not in synch when changing VLAN VSA's dynamically.
xos0063506 Traceroute MAC address in CFM domain does not return information about destination switch.
xos0059964 SNMP poll for MIB dot3StatsDuplexStatus always returns unknown(1) when ports are configured with auto-negotiation on.
xos0060792 SNMP authentication failure log message and trap is inappropriately generated when switch detects "Not In Time Windows" error.
xos0061379 Switch temperature value retrieved using SNMP get operation is incorrect.
xos0061886 SNMP master process ends unexpectedly with signal 6 with certain sequence of snmpbulkget and snmpget.
xos0061945 SnmpSubagent crash occurs when snmpset executed on the last row in EAPSMbrVlanEntry.
xos0063349 Switch stops responding to SNMP requests if SNMP get for multiple OIDs is continuously initiated.
xos0062701 HAL timeout occurs while rebooting a stack with STP configuration.
xos0062217 In SummitStacks with eight nodes and sFlow configuration, "Hardware L3 Table full" error messages appear when the stacks have a large number of Layer 3 entries.
xos0054039 IP multicast traffic is not forwarded on PSTAG VLANs when it shares ports with other IGMP snooping-enabled VLANs or other L3 VLANs.
xos0060184 After configuring MVRP registration forbidden, the command is accepted and registration is forbidden. However, the show configuration mrp command does not display this configuration and this configuration is not saved after a reboot.
xos0062255 CEP CVID configurations is missing after adding/deleting the port from sharing.
xos0063207 Error occurs while adding LAG ports as tagged in one VMAN and untagged in another VMAN, even though the VMAN EtherType is primary.
xos0063257 Saving configuration fails/times-out when VLANs added to a mirror filters are renamed.
xos0063274 VLAN packets are egressing with VMAN ethertype when an egress port is deleted from a VMAN that is also part of a VLAN.