Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) Enabled by Default

Starting with ExtremeXOS 22.2, as part of safe defaults mode, Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) is enabled by default.

When you set up your switch for the first time, you set the safe defaults mode (disables Telnet, STP, and SNMP; and configures other aspects of the switch for enhanced security).

You enter safe defaults mode after you connect to the console port of the switch, or after you run unconfigure switch {all} or configure safe-default-script. When you enter safe defaults mode, the following prompt appears reminding you that MSTP is enabled by default, which you can disable if desired:

This switch currently has some management methods enabled for convenience reasons.
Please answer these questions about the security settings you would like to use.
You may quit and accept the default settings by entering 'q' at any time.

!!!! NOTE: Spanning Tree default changed in ExtremeXOS 22.2 !!!!

Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) is enabled by default to prevent
broadcast storms

Would you like to disable MSTP? [y/N/q]: