Open Issues

The following are new open issues for supported features found in ExtremeXOS 22.4.1-Patch1-2.

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Open Issues, Platform-Specific, and Feature Change Requests (CRs)

CR Number Description
On ExtremeSwitching X690 and X870 series switches in ALPM mode, after adding and deleting a default route, Layer-3 packets whose routes do not fit within the ALPM hardware capacity are dropped instead of CPU-forwarded.
Workaround: Either use a default route, or keep the number of routes within the supported limits.
xos0069554 On ExtremeSwitching X620 series switches, copper combo port link flaps when SFP+ is inserted in the corresponding fiber combo port. On ExtremeSwitching X440-G2 and Summit X460-G2 series switches, copper combo port link flaps when SFP is removed from the corresponding fiber combo port.

On an ExtremeSwitching X870/X690 mixed stack, ports 91–96 on any X870 node should not be used.

There are many possible incorrect behaviors possible if ports 91–96 are used on any X870 node in such a stack. Among the known behaviors are L2 Unicast flows received on X690 nodes being unable to reach destinations attached to ports 91–96 on X870 nodes and packet duplication of non-Unicast flows on multiple link aggregation member ports when ports 91–96 on an X870 node are configured as members of a link aggregation group.

xos0069017 On SummitStacks with at least one Summit X770 series switch and with a BGP configuration, stack slot remains in "RT synced" state when stack is rebooted.
ExtremeSwitching X870 Series Switches
xos0068901 On ExtremeSwitching X870 series switches, if both ingress and egress sampling is enabled, then sFlow sample count is lower than expected.
ExtremeSwitching X690 Series Switches
xos0068848 IPv6 L3 Unicast packets destined to front-panel port 30 are slowpath forwarded instead of hardware forwarded if port 30 is not a member of a load share group.
Workaround: Create a load share group containing only port 30 using enable sharing 30 grouping 30.
Fabric Attach

Dynamic Fabric Attach mappings created with LLDP do not time out of Fabric Attach proxy.

If a Fabric Attach mapping is created on proxy1 (static or dynamic), proxy 2 creates mapping dynamically (LLDP), and then sends the TLV to the server. If the mapping is then removed from proxy1, the dynamic mapping is never removed from the proxy2.

app0000270 POST support not available for YANG:openconfig_system.
app0000271 PATCH support not available for YANG:openconfig_system.
app0000272 DELETE support not available for YANG:openconfig_system.
app0000262 PATCH support not available for YANG openconfig_interfaces. When attempted, 500 Error occurs.
xos0069105 "restconf" and "ping" crash when DNS is enabled.
xos0067219 With certificate signing request (CSR), even when private key and certificate match, HTTP access is not granted.
Profile changes made through Change of Authorization (CoA) are applied to the authenticator, but not to remote peer using NetLogin and MLAG, so that the peer entry remains in the old profile.
Workaround: Use SNMP instead of CoA with Captive Portal feature.