Resolved Issues in Switch Engine 32.2

The following issues were resolved in Switch Engine 32.2. Version 32.2 includes all fixes up to and including versions 31.6, 31.7, and 32.1.

Table 1. Resolved Issues, Platform-Specific, and Feature Change Requests (CRs) in 32.2
Defect Number Description
EXOS-31439 Turning autopolarity off might not take effect on a port running at 10Mbps or 100Mbps.
EXOS-31581 The Total Length field in IP packets was incorrectly set to 5120 for PIM null register messages.
EXOS-31700 Access VLAN traffic is not forwarded over MLAG port to networks VLAN.
EXOS-31742 HTTPS Chalet login failure with the message soap error session failed when attempting to log in via the same tab.
EXOS-31949 L3 Remote mirror not working properly.
EXOS-31998 OnePolicy rule precedence order can be changed using a command from 30.2 and later.
EXOS-32028 Increase the MDIO clock frequency on ExtremeSwitching 5520 switches from 2.5MHz to 5MHz.
EXOS-32056 The footer should be printed without consideration of CLI paging.
EXOS-32123 A new file sub-directory oe-sdk-hardcoded-buildpath is present in the /usr/local/ directory.
EXOS-32259 Switch sends overheat condition as an SNMPv1 trap despite MIB files denying it as SNMPv2.
EXOS-32279 HAL error log occurs when upgrading an ExtremeSwitching 5520 switch with 10504 Gbic.
EXOS-32288 LLDP MED application configuration is removed from the port if the port is removed from the VLAN.
EXOS-32349 Clone adds extra header to primary.cfg.
Extended Edge Switching
EXOS-31638 ExtremeXOS should throw an error to disable SLPP before configuring VPEX when it was enabled.
EXOS-32096 With only one ExtremeSwitching 5720 switch present in a 5720+5520 mixed stack, upgrading the Switch Engine version using the bundle lst image (for example, onie-summit_arm- fails with the following message:

Error: Can not find any EPM peer at all

The same error occurs when using the onie image if the 5720 slot number is not specified.


Download and install the onie image to the 5720 by specifying the 5720 slot number, followed by the summit_arm image for all remaining slots. For example:

download image onie- slot 1 install

download image summit_arm- install