Known Limitations in Visibility Skill

Follow these caveats and limitations when using the Visibility Skill.

LAG created when port channel deployment fails

Any changes to ExtremeCloud Orchestrator configuration are reverted when a port channel deployment fails. However, a link aggregation group (LAG) is created on the device. The LAG is immediately deleted, but you can see the creation and deletion of a LAG in the device logs.

MLX UDA profile must be associated with an ingress group if the policy contains a UDA match

(MLX only) When you create an ingress group and associate it with an ingress policy, you must also associate the group with a UDA profile if the ingress policy contains a UDA match. For more information, see ExtremeCloud Orchestrator GUI Admin Guide.

Firmware upgrade requires an absolute path to image locations

In the Absolute Path field, enter the complete file path to the location of the firmware image. The following are sample file paths for the various supported devices.
  • Extreme 9920 (absolute path to the binary file): /root/TierraOS--NPB.bin
  • SLX (absolute directory path where supported image files are located): /root/ slxos18s.1.03/slxos18s.1.03a
  • MLX (path to the manifest file): XMR-MLX/MLX_npb_06200_mnf.txt
For more information, see ExtremeCloud Orchestrator GUI Admin Guide.

Device discovery

XCO deployed in packet broker mode supports device discovery notifications only for packet broker devices.

Listener policy byte count is incorrect when truncation is enabled

On the Extreme 9920 device, the byte count for truncated packets is the actual byte count seen by the egress ACL before truncation.