Upgrade failure during device reload

  1. Prepare a logged serial port connection to the device.


    This connection might be required by your support provider during the troubleshooting.
  2. Verify that the device is reachable by SSH or TELNET.
  3. If the device is reachable, enter the show version command.
    device# show version
    SLX-OS Operating System Version: 20.1.01
    Copyright (c) 1995-2019 Extreme Networks, Inc.
    Firmware name:      20.1.01
    Build Time:         13:35:38 Jun 24, 2019
    Install Time:       19:32:30 Jun 24, 2019
    Kernel:             4.14.67
    Control Processor:   GenuineIntel
    Memory Size:        SLXVM: 8371 MB   System Total: 16070 MB
    System Uptime:   0days 21hrs 47mins 30secs 
    Name      Primary/Secondary Versions 
    SLX-OS    20.1.01 
  4. If show version does not display the new firmware as the primary version, prepare output logs of the following commands, and contact your device support provider.
    • show firmwaredownloadhistory
    • show firmwaredownloadstatus