Base License Features

The Base License includes the features in the following table:

Table 1. Switch Engine Base License Features
Switch Engine Software Feature Supported Platforms


  • Generalized Precision Time Protocol (GPTP)
  • Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol (MVRP)
  • Multiple Stream Registration Protocol (MSRP)
  • Platform Support

All platforms.

Universal platforms have the AVB Feature License included in the Advanced Edge or Base License. You do not need to separately purchase and install the AVB Feature License for these switches.

BGP Auto-peering All platforms
BGP peers—Universal switches are allowed up to 2 manually configured BGP peers on the default VR with a base license. All platforms
CLEARFlow All platforms
Convergence End Point (CEP) detection All platforms
  • DHCPv4 server
  • DHCv4 client
  • DHCPv4 relay
  • DHCPv4 smart relay
All platforms
  • DHCPv6 relay
  • DHCPv6 prefix delegation snooping
  • DHCPv6 client
  • DHCPv6 smart relay
  • DHCPv6 remote ID
All platforms
Direct Attach—based on the IEEE version of VEPA, eliminates the virtual switch layer, simplifying the network and improving performance. Direct Attach enables data center simplification by reducing network tiers from four or five tiers to just two or three tiers, depending on the size of the data center. All platforms
EAPS Advanced Edge—multiple physical rings, and "common links", also known as "shared port". All platforms
ERPS-more domains (allows 32 rings with matching ring ports) and multi-ring support All platforms
ESRP-Full All platforms
ESRP-Virtual MAC All platforms
Extended Edge Switching ExtremeSwitching 5420 and 5520
Extreme Network Virtualization (XNV) All platforms except 5320
IP address security:
  • DHCP snooping
  • Trusted DHCP server
  • Source IP lockdown
  • ARP validation
All platforms
IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Not supported
IP NAT Not supported
IP security:
  • DHCP Option 82—L3 mode
  • DHCP Option 82—L3 mode VLAN ID
  • Disable ARP learning
  • Gratuitous ARP protection
  • DHCP secured ARP / ARP validation
  • Source IP lockdown
All platforms
IPv4 unicast routing, including static routes All platforms
IPv4 multicast routing, including static routes
Note: This feature has limitations in the Edge and Advanced Edge licenses. See the Switch Engine 32.3 User Guide .
All platforms
IPv4 Duplicate Address Detection (DAD) All platforms
IPv6 unicast routing, including static routes All platforms
IPv6 interworking—IPv6-to-IPv4 and IPv6-in-IPv4 configured tunnels All platforms
IPv6 DAD without CLI management All platforms
IPv6 DAD with CLI management All platforms
Keychain Manager All platforms
Local-only, user-created virtual routers (VR) ExtremeSwitching 5320-24T/24P
Multi-Switch Link Aggregation Group (MLAG) All platforms
Multinetting for forwarding All platforms
ONEPolicy All platforms
OSPFv2-Edge (limited to max of 4 active interfaces) All platforms
OSPFv2 Auto-peering All platforms
OSPFv3-Edge (limited to max of 4 active interfaces) All platforms
PIM—Universal switches are not subject to the maximum number of PIM IPv4 interfaces (4) that pertains to other switch models. All platforms
PIM-SM-Edge All platforms
PIM snooping
Note: This feature has limitations in the Base license. See the Switch Engine 32.3 User Guide .
All platforms
Policy based routing (PBR) for IPv4 All platforms
Policy based routing (PBR) for IPv6 All platforms
Protocol-based VLANs All platforms
PSTag ExtremeSwitching 5420 and 5520.
Python scripting All platforms
RIP v1/v2 All platforms
RIPng All platforms
Routing access policies All platforms
Route maps All platforms
SummitStack (switch stacking using native or dedicated ports) Not supported
SummitStack-V (switch stacking using dual-purpose data ports) All platforms. See the specific models listed in the "Support for Alternate Stacking Ports" section of the Switch Engine 32.3 User Guide .
SyncE Not supported
System virtual routers (VRs) All platforms
UDP Forwarding All platforms
UDP BootP relay forwarding All platforms

User-created virtual routers (VRs)

Virtual router and forwarding (VRF)

ExtremeSwitching 5320-48T/48P, 5420, 5520, 5720

VLAN aggregation All platforms
VRRP All platforms
VXLAN All platforms