Update the Country Code

Learn how to update the country code on the access point.

If your access point is configured for the World Regulatory (WR) domain, set the country code to the country in which the access point will be deployed to meet regulatory requirements and for optimal wireless operation.


The country code selection is for WR models only and is not available to FCC, CAN, and other country-specific models. Per Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, all Wi-Fi products marketed in the United States must be set to U.S. channels only.
  1. Power on the access point and wait for it to find and connect to ExtremeCloud IQ.

    After the access point is connected, it is displayed in the table of devices on the Manage > Devices page.

  2. Select the check box next to the access point, and then choose Assign Country Code from the Actions drop-down list.

    In the dialog box, select the appropriate country from the drop-down list, and then select Save.

  3. Upload your changes to the access point.