What's New in this Document

The following table describes changes to this guide for the Extreme 9920 software, release

Table 1. Summary of changes
Feature Description Link
IPv6 support IPv6 support is added for firmware operation and system service update. Installation and Upgrade
Microservice upgrade enhancements Support for the following microservice upgrades is added:
  • pbd-agent
  • interface-agent
  • nexthop-agent
  • sfcs-agent
  • target-proxy-agent
  • svcplane-agent
  • chassis-mgr
  • interface-mgr
  • lacp
  • security
  • pcap-agent
  • packet-mgr
  • snmp
  • pipeline-agent
Supported Microservice Upgrades
USB support Extreme 9920 supports USB storage devices. Installation and Upgrade

For more information about this release, see the Extreme 9920 Software Release Notes, .