Mirroring to Remote IP Addresses

This new feature enables hardware mirroring of Ethernet frames to a specified remote IPv4 address, which can reside zero or more router hops away. This is useful for ExtremeAnalytics sFlow+ Collector or other forms of remote network analysis or monitoring.

Supported Platforms

Summit X450-G2, X460-G2, X670-G2, X770, and ExtremeSwitching X440-G2, X870, X620, X690 series switches.

New CLI Commands

enable mirror {mirror_name} to remote-ip remote_ip_address {{vr} vr_name} {from [source_ip_address | auto-source-ip]} {ping-check [on | off]}]

Changed CLI Commands

Changes are underlined.

configure mirror mirror_name {to [port port | port-list port_list | loopback port port ] |remote-ip remote_ip_address {{vr} vr_name} {from [source_ip_address | auto-source-ip]} {ping-check [on | off]}] {remote-tag rtag | port none}

create mirror mirror_name {to [port port | port-list port_list loopback-port port] {remote-tag rtag} | remote-ip remote_ip_address {{vr} vr_name} {from [source_ip_address | auto-source-ip]} {ping-check [on | off]}]} {description mirror-desc}

The following show command is changed to display mirroring to remote IP addresses information:

show mirror [mirror_name | mirror_name_li] | [all | enabled]