Known Behaviors

The following is a list of limitations in ExtremeXOS system architecture that have yet to be resolved.

Table 1. Known Issues, Platform-Specific, and Feature Change Requests (CRs)
Defect Number Description
EXOS-32111 Connecting a Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cable from an Ethernet switch access port to the Console port on an active X465 or X695 switch may cause the switch to hang in a boot cycle after reboot or power cycling the switch.


Ensure you connect the console port on the switch to the proper terminating equipment, for example, to a PC, VT terminal, terminal server, etc.

ExtremeSwitching X460-G2 Series Switches
EXOS-32241 With ExtremeXOS 32.1, an X460-G2 populated with a SyncE VIM-TM-CLK clock module will experience a HAL crash and reboot if the command show iproute reserved-entries statistics is entered.
ExtremeSwitching X465 Series Switches
EXOS-31978 The X465 VIM-4Y and VIM-2Y do not support Auto Negotiation or FEC. If you enable Auto Neg for these ports, a false link-up may occur even with no cable connected.
Universal Hardware
EXOS-32459 Entering the configure stacking easy-setup command fails when building a stack from version 32.1 or earlier with nodes running on version 32.2.


Upgrade the clone on ExtremeXOS version 32.1 to version or later by using clone XMOD.