General Release Information

Release Date

December 2023

Hardware platforms supported

Minimum software required



Be sure to always be on the latest version available on the Zebra support web site.

ExtremeCloud IQ Information

Extreme Intuitive Insights application is currently available only on a four Remote Data Center (RDC) located in Europe and US. Contact your sales representative for more details.


To receive events from Zebra Wireless Insights API, the device needs to have a valid Zebra Edge Insight standard perpetual license installed, as well as staged to enable Zebra Wireless Insights API. Contact your Zebra sales representative to order a license. You also need to link the Extreme Licensing portal using the License Manager application, as well as assign the correct Role/Application to the user with the User Manager application. See the Extreme Intuitive Insights Getting Started Guide for more information.

Android Agent Information

Update the Android agent to the latest version available on the Extreme Support page.