New Features

This release introduces the following features:
Table 1. New Features
ID Description
EII-140 My Reports (A list of scheduled and executed reports)
Displays a list of scheduled and executed reports. Reports include:
  • Roaming Reports
  • Loss Prevention Reports
  • Scheduled Active Analysis
EII-5 Packet capture from EII

Support for running Packet Capture from the device. The results are delivered to the Individual Device page in a form of zip file. The maximum time for each packet capture is 15 minutes. It is possible to run up to 5 packet captures on five devices at the same time per account. One Packet Capture file per device is available for download. If a second packet capture runs for the same device, the Packet Capture file is overwritten. The file remains on the Cloud server for 24 hours, then it is deleted permanently. Be sure to download the file within the 24-hour period.

There are two options to start packet capture: Management frames and All frames. When All frames is selected, the zip file is password protected. Set the password on a device with Zebra tools.

EII-8 EII - WI API activation needs to be included in the agent.

The agent activates the Zebra API automatically upon WI License presence.

EII-212 Reason code information must be provided in event flags.

In the Status&Event widget, the Reason information (if available) is provided on the event flag.

EII-213 Roaming Report enhancement.

The full list of events in each roaming sequence is presented – beginning with Roaming Started through Roaming Complete or Failed. Reason information is provided when available.

EII-9 Report scheduling to help with loss device prevention initiative.

It is now possible to schedule execution of reports for Loss Prevention daily, weekly, monthly or custom. The report can be delivered to the list of specified email addresses.

EII-249 Device column persistence
EII-223 Dashboard - roaming widget enhancement.

Ability to filter the results of the roaming widget on the dashboard.

EII-222 Dashboard - battery widget enhancement.

Ability to filter the result of the battery status widget on the dashboard.

EII-246 Battery health column in device list.
EII-281 Roaming and Loss prevention report to be downloaded in csv format.
EII-282 Download option for Roaming Report on individual device page.