Open Issues

The following are new open issues for supported features found in Switch Engine 32.1.

Defect Number Description
ExtremeSwitching 5720 Series Switches
EXOS-31416 Fix channelized port number issues on 5720 for EAPS.
show eaps shared-port
CLI output displays the EAPS neighbor shared port information improperly if the EAPS neighbor shared-port is a channelized port. The port is displayed as slot:port rather than slot:port:channel.
EXOS-32096 With only one ExtremeSwitching 5720 switch present in a 5720+5520 mixed stack, upgrading the Switch Engine version using the bundle lst image (for example, onie-summit_arm- fails with the following message:

Error: Can not find any EPM peer at all

The same error occurs when using the onie image if the 5720 slot number is not specified.


Download and install the onie image to the 5720 by specifying the 5720 slot number, followed by the summit_arm image for all remaining slots. For example:

download image onie- slot 1 install

download image summit_arm- install