Replacing Fan Modules

You can replace fan modules as needed while the switch is operating ("hot swapping"). However, if you are changing the airflow direction of the internal power supplies and fan modules, you must power down the switch.

All installed fan modules must blow air in the same direction and must match the airflow direction of the installed power supplies.

  • If the switch's fan tray has a red tab, the airflow is front-to-back. The fan module may be labeled Air Out.

  • If the switch's fan tray has a blue tab, the airflow is back-to-front. The fan module may be labeled Air In.



The operating-system software displays the airflow direction.

Before you begin, have the replacement fan module on hand so that you can complete the replacement promptly. The switch can overheat if left without adequate cooling for an extended time.

To replace the fan module in a switch, do the following.

  1. Gently pull the tab (labeled Air Out or Air In) on the end of the fan module.

    The fan module is held in place by spring clips. As you pull, the clips will disenagage and the fan will stop.

  2. Slide the fan module out of the switch and set it aside.
  3. Verify that the airflow direction on the replacement fan module matches that of the installed fan modules.

    Fans with front-to-back airflow have red tabs and are labeled Air Out.

    Fans with back-to-front airflow have blue tabs and are labeled Air In.

  4. Carefully slide the replacement fan module into the switch.

    Push until the fan module snaps into place. The fan will automatically start to operate.