E2122 Controller Overview

E2122 controller hardware is a campus controller that supports two thousand standalone devices, sixteen thousand users, and four hundred switches. It provides availability for up to four thousand devices, thirty two thousand users, and eight hundred switches, with any client distribution between controllers.

E2122 back panel features

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E2122 back panel layout
Stainless-steel controller with back panel hardware parts.
Callout Description
1 Power supply module #1
2 Power supply module #2 bay for redundant power supply (ordered separately)
3 Port 1 (Data Port 1) 1/10GbE, RJ45
4 Port 2 (Data Port 2) 1/10GbE, RJ45
5 VGA port (do not use)
6 RJ45 serial-A port
7 Admin, management port; 1GbE, RJ45
8 USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports
9 Not used
10 Port 3 (Data Port 3) 1/10 Gbps, SFP+
11 Port 4 (Data Port 4) 1/10 Gbps, SFP+

Hard Drive LED Indicator Patterns

The hard drive has one LED indicator visible from the front of the system - a green LED for disk activity.