ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot Grace Period

ExtremeCloud IQ provides a 30-day grace period for unlicensed CoPilot-eligible devices. In the following cases, the grace period may apply:

If you have fewer CoPilot licenses than CoPilot-eligible devices, the oldest (first onboarded) devices get CoPilot licenses first. The grace period applies to the newer devices that are not assigned a license. If a device is a stack and there are sufficient licenses to cover the stack, the system assigns the licenses to all stack units.



When you onboard a CoPilot-eligible device that was previously onboarded, the grace period does not restart. The grace period is a total of 30 days for each serial number.

When you onboard a device for which the grace period is expired, and there are no available CoPilot licenses, the system onboards the device with the following status:

CoPilot License Status: None