Link ExtremeCloud IQ to an Extreme Portal Account

To provide ExtremeCloud IQ access to the license pool, link it to your Extreme Portal account. Follow these steps to create that link:

  1. Log into ExtremeCloud IQ and do one of the following:
    If you have an account and this is the first time you have logged in:
    Select I have an ExtremeCloud IQ License and proceed to Step 3.
    If you do not have an Extreme Portal account, you must register for one before you can continue.
    Proceed to Step 2.
    If you are a partner or a distributor, and are setting up an ExtremeCloud IQ account for a customer at the PartnerWorks Plus level:
    Select the customer account after you enter your credentials. Otherwise, you can create the ExtremeCloud IQ account, and then instruct the customer to log in and proceed through the licensing prompts.
  2. Open the Extreme Portal and select Create a new Extreme Portal account.

    You can use a free trial account without linking the Extreme Portal.



    If the 90-day trial of ExtremeCloud IQ is active, linking your Extreme Portal account ends the trial.

    When you link your account, ExtremeCloud IQ level accounts automatically upgrade to the ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot level.

  3. In ExtremeCloud IQ, navigate to Global Settings > Administration > License Management.
  4. Select Link My Extreme Portal Account and enter your Extreme Portal credentials.

    The license information appears in the Entitlements table.