ExtremeCloud IQ NAC

Network Access Control (NAC) uses a set of protocols to secure devices when they access the network. The 802.1X standard is a basic form of NAC. NAC controls access using policies such as pre-admission endpoint security checks and post-admission controls over access levels, and permissions that devices exercise in the network.

ExtremeCloud IQ NAC licenses are compatible with ExtremeCloud A3 version 4.0 and newer, and with ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine version 21.9 and newer. After you onboard a compatible NAC engine (ExtremeCloud A3 and/or ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine) to ExtremeCloud IQ, it appears automatically in the NAC Entitlements table (Global Settings > Administration > License Management > NAC Entitlements).

To modify the number of allocated ExtremeCloud IQ NAC entitlements for a NAC engine, select the serial number for the NAC engine and enter a new number in the Allocated % column. The range is 0–100, with increments of 0.1. ExtremeCloud IQ sends the allocated values to NAC engines.

When you onboard a NAC engine, ExtremeCloud IQ adds the serial number to the NAC Entitlements table using the following logic:

Because the quantity of total NAC licenses can change over time, the allocation is stored as a percentage, but appears both as a percentage and as a calculated absolute number.