Configure BGP MD5 Password: Switch Configuration

The following provides a sample EFA MD5 password configuration and the corresponding switch configuration on one of the fabric devices after the fabric is configured.

About this task


  1. Run the efa fabric setting update command.
    efa fabric setting update --name fabric1 --md5-password-enable yes
    Please supply a password for BGP MD5 authentication on fabric links:
    efa fabric configure --name fabric1
  2. Complete the following configuration on SLX device:
    router bgp
      local-as 65000
      capability as4-enable
      neighbor spine-group peer-group
      neighbor spine-group remote-as 64512
      neighbor spine-group description To Spine
      neighbor spine-group password $9$GiXG/W7938rCj4lzgf14NQ==
      neighbor peer-group spine-group
      neighbor remote-as 65000
      neighbor next-hop-self
      neighbor password $9$GiXG/W7938rCj4lzgf14NQ==
      address-family ipv4 unicast
      maximum-paths 8
     address-family ipv6 unicast
     address-family l2vpn evpn
      neighbor spine-group encapsulation vxlan
      neighbor spine-group next-hop-unchanged
      neighbor spine-group enable-peer-as-check
      neighbor spine-group activate