Configure BGP MD5 Password: Clos Topology (3-Stage and 5-Stage)

In a Clos topology, session clearing is done on each device on the fabric.

In a Clos topology, the clearing of the sessions is done by walking through each device on the fabric and the sessions cleared, depending on the role of the device. The clearing is done in the following manner:

  • Spine: Neighbor sessions at the peer-group level are cleared. On the spine, there are two peer-groups, one for the links to the leaves (Leaf Peer-Group) and the other for the links to the super-spines (SS Peer-Group). Clearing of the sessions is done on both peer-groups simultaneously.
  • Leaf: The neighbor session on the MCT link is cleared.
  • Super-spine: There is no need to clear any session on the super-spine because all the sessions on the super-spines are covered at the spine device.