Configure BGP MD5 Password: Failures When Clearing the Neighbor Session

When the MD5 password is updated, failures can occur during the process of clearing the neighbor sessions.

After clearing the session, if the session state is not established, or is not in the same state as it was prior to clearing the session within the wait time of 10 seconds, then the wait time is extended for an additional 10 seconds. If the session state is not established after the expiration of the second wait time, it is marked as a failure. The execution continues with the clearing of the remaining neighbor sessions.

When all the neighbor sessions are cleared, any sessions that have been marked as failure are presented under fabric errors at the end of the fabric configure operation, as part of the existing fabric error command efa fabric error show. The failure information will include the details of the neighbor session that could not be established.



If there are any sessions that could not be established during the clear operation, the fabric configuration operation displays an error indicating a failure. However, if the fabric configuration has been successfully pushed to the devices, the devices are set to cfg-in-sync, even though the clear operation failed.