Generalized Precision Time Protocol (gPTP) Enhancement

Previously, the number of Generalized Precision Time Protocol (gPTP)-capable ports was static. Switches now handle a variable number of ports based on the number of ports on the switch.


  • ExtremeXOS 16.1 slave ports synchronize to grandmasters, such as Symmetricom, and to other ExtremeXOS 16.1 clocks, but not to ExtrememXOS 15.7, and earlier. If networks of clocks are to be upgraded to ExtremeXOS 16.1, complete the upgrades simultaneously or staged starting closest to the grandmaster. Before beginning a staged upgrade, where an earlier version of ExtremeXOS must synchronize to an ExtremeXOS 16.1 clock, test the particular configuration beforehand.
  • ExtremeXOS 16.1 slave clock ports must be configured with the “slave-only” option to synchronize to other ExtremeXOS 16.1 clocks.