Resolved Issues in ExtremeXOS 16.1

The following issues were resolved in ExtremeXOS 16.1. ExtremeXOS 16.1 includes all fixes up to and including ExtremeXOS, and earlier, ExtremeXOS 12.0.5, ExtremeXOS 12.1.7, ExtremeXOS 12.2.2-patch1-12, ExtremeXOS 12.3.6, ExtremeXOS 12.4.5, ExtremeXOS 12.5.5, ExtremeXOS 12.6.3, ExtremeXOS 12.6.5, ExtremeXOS 12.7.1, ExtremeXOS 15.1.5, ExtremeXOS 15.2.4, ExtremeXOS 15.3.3, ExtremeXOS 15.4.1, ExtremeXOS 15.5.1, ExtremeXOS 15.5.2, ExtremeXOS 15.6.1, ExtremeXOS 15.6.2, and ExtremeXOS 15.7.1. For information about those fixes, see the release notes for the specific release.

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Resolved Issues, Platform-Specific and Feature Change Requests (CRs)

CR Number Description
xos0059913 After many authentications and aging out of NetLogin clients, some ports are not learning FDB entries.
xos0051961 Unable to block IPv6 traffic from SSH/Telnet/Web interface by access-profile policy.
xos0055108 The bound IP address is not being reflected in the command show vlan.
xos0055358 Device manager is reporting incorrect slot type after clearing a slot while that slot is disabled.
xos0055399 After multiple failures in a main ring, the Ring Protection Link (RPL) of the sub-ring stays in the blocked state in an RPL neighbor node of the sub-ring causing traffic to fail between the nodes in the sub-ring.

With ELSM enabled on port p1 on two switches, with 10 seconds as the ELSM hello interval, and trap receiver configured on the both switches (or managed in Ridgeline, which configures the trap receiver by itself), and then disable/enable port p1 on both switches.

Switches send two linkup traps.

xos0057211 Traffic gets forwarded for blackholed MAC address when limit learning is enabled.
xos0057226, xos0057225 Creating an account with a 32-character long name, and then opening an SSH session from that user, causes the switch to crash.
xos0057254 For every reauthorization of NMS clients the policies attached are unbound and bound back again in the peer (not in the authenticator).
xos0057297 When MD5 password is different for both broadcast server and client, the NTP session is established anyway, and no warning is indicated in "leap indicator".
xos0057391 Configured restrict-list entry is shown as user, and active peer interface is removed from NTP peer when its IP address is configured in deny option.
xos0057392 NTP session still shows synchronized after disabling port in NTP client interface.
xos0057462 SSL certificate generated in switch uses a weak hashing algorithm, MD5, which is known to be vulnerable to collision attacks.
xos0057463 The minimum key length supported when configuring an SSL certificate is 64 bits, which is considered medium strength and could be exploited by an attacker on the same physical network.
xos0057517 With global NTP server configured and an NTP session established between server and broadcast client, after disabling NTP, the peer looses it active peer status (*), but for the broadcast client, status (*) is not removed.
xos0057547 The output of the show configuration nettools command does not show IPv6 smart relay configuration for VLANs in user-created virtual routers.
xos0057570 Executing the command configure bootprelay ipv6 prefix-delegation snooping add, the ipv6-prefix valid timer alone is updated and gateway is not updated for the same prefix, which is in the prefix delegation snooping table.
xos0057590 Intermittently, 50% traffic loss is seen after one MLAG peer is rebooted.
xos0057599 After giving gateway as the same interface address on VLAN in config bootprelay ipv6 prefix-del snooping add command, error does not occur and the same route is added in snooping table and rtmgr table.
xos0057746 Dynamic routes learned using bootp for indirect routes are not deleted after disabling the baseline protocol (Ripng/Static route) for the gateway.
xos0057849 Client session using ciphers aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes256-ctr is not working.
xos0057976 DHCP bootprelay option 82 with aggregation port shows incorrect circuit ID.
xos0058324 Add port number to output of all show port commands along with existing display string.
xos0058325 Add multicast tx counter to show port stat command.
xos0058326 Add a flag that indicates MLAG membership to the output of the show port info command.
xos0058327 In show port port info detail command, order the VLAN listing alphabetically.
xos0058337 Generate Syslog message or trigger an SNMP trap when the log memory buffer is filled up to 90% of configured log lines.
xos0058349 Enabling DHCP on any VLAN with IP address already configured does not produce error.
xos0058384 XNV Dynamic VLAN: With VM-tracking enabled on MLAG peer ports, dynamic VLANs are not created for tagged and untagged traffic.
xos0058393 The TCL command clock format is not available for CLI scripting and attempting to use it produces an error.
xos0058668 After rebooting DHCPv6, client stuck up in rebooting state.
xos0058719 Dynamic routes added by prefix delegation snooping remain active even after disabling and unplugging the client connected to the port.
xos0059173 Traffic loss occurs since the destination IP address is missing in kernel after port fail.
xos0059222 SFLOW-sampled packets are flooded out of VLANs when these same packets are software learned.
xos0059243 The process exsh ends unexpectedly after executing a show command with a port list followed by invalid letters (for example, show port 1:1,1:2ab), and then pressing [Tab].
xos0059247 ARP entries incorrectly point to ISC port after MLAG peer is rebooted.
xos0059315 Unable to add static routes with tunnel address as the next-hop.
xos0059524 Link status is incorrect when auto-polarity setting is off.
xos0059558 XNV Dynamic VLAN: Running the command unconfigure vm-tracking local-vm mac-address 00:00:00:00:00:01 vlan-tag, FDB is not removed from dynamic VLAN and the command show vm-tracking displays no entries.
xos0059581 Rtmgr process ends unexpectedly when OSPF external routes are deleted from the route table.
xos0059597 Static ARP entries are created as blackhole in HAL IPV4adj, thus the next hop information for the routes with those adjacency as gateway are not programmed properly in l3 defip table.
xos0059661 Running extended diagnostics on backup MSM (Master Switch Fabric Module) can, under certain rare conditions, cause the cfmgr process to end unexpectedly on the master MSM.
xos0059851 When a DHCP client receives an IP address that conflicts with a static IP address configured in a VLAN, the static IP address is removed from the VLAN and the DHCP client stops.
xos0059952 XNV Dynamic VLAN: After disabling dynamic VLAN on vmt-enabled port, the "v" flag is not removed from the output of the show fdb command.
xos0059983 RADIUS shared secret password obfuscation is too weak.
xos0060088 Kernel oops triggered rarely during continuous addition/deletion of ARP entries for long duration in presence of high CPU utilization.
xos0060100 Kernel oops occurs due to memory corruption caused by slow-path forwarded traffic.
xos0060119 Changing the primary TACACS server configuration locks out TACACS-authenticated users.
xos0060228 HAL process ends unexpectedly in rare circumstances while rebooting switch with default speed configuration on 10G ports
xos0060228 HAL process ends unexpectedly in rare circumstances while rebooting switch with default speed configuration on 10G ports.
xos0060478 There is no command to configure the idle timeout of SFTP sessions. The idle timeout is fixed at 60 minutes.
xos0060713 Executing the command clear cpu-monitoring sets the dirty bit(*).
xos0060825 Double-tagged CFM frames are dropped by kernel in VMAN environment.
xos0060977 MPLS traffic is egressing switch with incorrect label causing packet loss.
xos0061178 Dynamic ACL for gratuitous ARP violation on LAG member ports are incorrectly getting installed on LAG master ports.
xos0061517 LACP Adjacency failed while forwarding the PDU with l2pt profile over L2VPN tunnel when MPLS PHP enabled.
BlackDiamond 8800 Series Switches
xos0061338 PSTAG packets are fail over fabric link.
xos0059736 Process rtmgr ends unexpectedly with signal 11 after executing the command disable bgp.
xos0059648 Static ARP entries are not properly synced with new Master Switch Fabric Module after failover.
xos0059009 After deleting ingress and egress ports from one slot and adding them to another slot, MPLS LSP routes do not get installed in hardware.
xos0058972 Layer 2 packets are not forwarded with non-multicast destination MAC addresses for static multiport FDB entries.
xos0058895 With a two-tier MLAG and PVLAN configured, process mcmgr ends unexpectedly with signal 10 and 11 after disabling, and then re-enabling MLAG ports, and disabling remote MLAG peer ISC ports.
xos0058776 Process MPLS crashed with signal 11 after disabling MPLS with broadcast traffic on pseudowire.
xos0058394 BGP routes are missing in XL-series modules after disabling, and then enabling, BGP with 20,000 routes.
xos0057624 Traffic loss occurs on PVLAN after restarting VRRP process in VRRP Master switch.
xos0055337 Issuing the command clear slot on a disabled slot does not clear the pre-existing port numbers associated with the previous module type in that slot. I/O module stays in VLAN sync.
xos0050664 Process DCBGP ends unexpectedly with signal 11 while rebooting neighbor switches in a scaled, multi-homed setup.
xos0050732 On BlackDiamond 8800 series switches, the process DCBGP ends unexpectedly with signal 6/11 after rebooting the switch.
xos0054970 BlackDiamond 8800-xl cards and Summit X480 series switches should not allow Layer 2 Protocol Tunneling and Filtering to be configured over VPLS/VPWS.
BlackDiamond X8 Series Switches
xos0060180 Data traffic over L3VPN: From Core to Access on 100G-XL modules traffic is dropped completely, This issue does not occur while using ports from BDXA-10G48T card.
xos0060073 On the BDXB-100G4X-XL module, known unicast traffic is flooded across all PSTag ports of VLAN, instead of going out using one port even though MAC address was learned.
xos0059953 With DHCP client and server configuration, process Nettools ends unexpectedly with signal 6 after running failover.
xos0059927 For the 100G4X and 100G4X-XL modules, tagged data traffic is not going to untagged service VMAN after deleting tagged service VMAN from the VPLS instance, and then creating new untagged service VMAN and attaching it to the VPLS.
xos0059710 Ports on the 100G4X I/O module are reported as having their links down.
xos0059534 Running two failovers leads to traffic drop for some unicast streams.
xos0059343 The process snmpMaster might end unexpectedly during upgrade from ExtremeXOS 15.3 to 15.5 for some SNMP community names.
xos0059156 VRRP control packets are dropped due to congestion in tx queue under scaled environments.
xos0056300 Traffic does not switch back to primary port when smart redundancy is enabled.
xos0056773 Resetting a connected I/O fabric module, produces the following error messages:
04/07/2014 10:09:10.07 <Erro:Kern.Card.Error> Slot-7: pca9506_read, not enough buffer provided (need 5 bytes, have 1 bytes)
04/07/2014 10:09:10.57 <Erro:Kern.Card.Error> Slot-7: i2c-1: bus busy, addr=0x23 rw=1 cmd=0x0 size=2 retry=0
04/07/2014 10:09:10.57 <Erro:Kern.Card.Error> Slot-7: Failed to read data from INPUT_PORT_0_COMMAND (-145)
xos0057560 Accessing ScreenPlay while running a script can cause the thttpd process to end unexpectedly with the following error:
<Erro:DM.Error> MM-A: Process thttpd Failed MM-A rebooted
xos0057827 After master switch fabric module. (MSM) failover, L2 MC traffic destined to IGMP receivers is not forwarded from ports that are the IGMP member ports sending joins.
xos0058375 ACLs to match VLAN-ID, CVID parameters do not work for slow path forwarded packets.
xos0058413 BDXB-100G4X module reboots with kernel oops with scaled route traffic above 12K IPv4 routes and above 32 IPv4 local hosts.
xos0058553 On BlackDiamond X8 series switches, in large topology (~2,000 pseudo-wires and lots of LSPs and ILM), disabling all VPLS sessions on switch causes SMAC learning to take longer than usual if the traffic comes from a different pseudowire. Traffic loss occurs during this interval.
xos0058615 ESVT: Loopback port fails to indicate "Link State" of "L". The loopback port is physically looped back. However, if user traffic is in the VLAN, then potentially unwanted traffic can get looped causing issues.
xos0058640 Traffic forwarding inconsistencies occur after restarting MPLS process.
xos0058793 BDX8 XL modules flood decapsulated VPLS traffic, causing bandwidth problems.
xos0058814 Traffic fails to transmit over pseudowire with attachment circuit VMAN carrying CEP-CVID.
xos0058842 Tagged VLAN traffic is dropped at ingress of 100G4X-XL module port, when the same port is added to another CEP-VMAN VPLS. This issue does not occur on non-100G4X-XL modules/ports.
xos0058870 MPLS encapsulation and decapsulation fail when network ports are part of 100G slot.
xos0058979 With distributed ARP mode on, L3 traffic is slow-path forwarded when next hop entry (IPv4 adjacency) is stored in IPv4 LPM and IPv4 LPM is in external TCAM. If IPv4 adjacency is stored in IPv4 L3 hash table (that is: full LPM or iproute reserved-entries set to maximum), the same traffic is forwarded correctly in hardware. Traffic is also forwarded correctly in hardware if IPv4 LPM table is internal (TCAM mode set to "none").
xos0059104 ACL policies are not installed in hardware after management module failover.
Summit Family Switches
xos0056230 SNMP query on extremeMemoryMonitorsystemTable does not show backup information, if slot2 is master and slot1 is backup.
xos0057106 When mirroring is configured to be triggered through clearflow, mirroring does not work and produces the following error:
06/26/2014 17:14:16.40 <Warn:HAL.IPv4ACL.Warning> : Could not enable mirroring for ACL rule since mirror acl-rule-1 is not active.
xos0058241 XNV Dynamic VLAN: After disabling, and then enabling, vm-tracking, the show vm-tracking command displays the incorrect number of network VMs authenticated with NMS as the authentication method.
xos0058253 Label-switch paths (LSP) does not work when iproute sharing max-gateways is equal to “4”.
xos0058841 NetLogin dot1x IPARP entry is not shown after the iparp detection is turned off and then on.
xos0059030 ARP entries incorrectly point to ISC port after MLAG peer is rebooted.
xos0059248 Identity management: Identity management ends unexpectedly with signal 11 repeatedly when NetLogin MAC addresses are scaled to 512–3,000.
xos0059345 Summit X460-G2-1G switches do not produce warning log messages (not compatible) when 100LX10 optics are inserted in the highest numbered 1G ports.
xos0059406 AVB ACLs are not getting unbound when AVB ports transition from non-boundary to boundary ports.
xos0059950 In Summit series switches, you cannot download bootROM images from memory card.
xos0060362 VPWS/VPLS traffic stops after stack failover, and then failback, when access and core ports are from different slots.
xos0060142 When SummitStack master and backup slots experience prolonged loss of stacking communication (dual master issue), the backup becomes master and later fails due to HAL process ending unexpectedly.
xos0060115 Expected <Info:Kern.Info> log messages are not shown for log filter events.
xos0059462 Timezone configuration is not applied to standby nodes after stack reboot.
xos0059049 SNMP: Traversing the EntityPhysicalTable takes around about four minutes.
xos0058851 IPFIX egress interface field reports an incorrect value for a SummitStack.
xos0050066 Process ipSecurity PID 1588 signal 11 ends unexpectedly with cleanup session in IPAddresecurity.
xos0056075 After issuing the command restart process ospf-5 on a SummitStack, H-VPLS (spoke) nodes fail to encapsulate packets to VPLS pseudowires. Traffic is restored after about 15 minutes.
xos0057438 Memory depletion occurs in Backup/Standby nodes of SummitStack with highly scaled IPFIX flow records.
xos0057767 Static FDB associated with VPLS service VLAN is not programmed in hardware after reboot when "disable learning" is configured.
xos0058133 SummitStacks use slot MAC address in DHCP packets when enabling DHCP on Management VLAN.
xos0058145 Traffic is dropped when enabling MAC-Locking on VMAN CEP ports that are part of the stack backup node. Issue does not occur when ports are on master node in stack.
xos0058809 Process "vlan" does not respond after removing and unconfiguring slot in a stack.
Summit X430 Series Switches
xos0057028 In Summit X430 series switches, kernel gets stuck for few seconds while installing boot v1.0.1.5 from ExtremeXOS.
Summit X440 Series Switches
xos0059571 When creating many VLANs on adjoining devices with MVRP enabled, switch has many dynamic VLANs created on it, causing the switch to reset.
xos0059500 On Summit X440 series switches with more than 1,500 IP ARP entries (exceeding supported hardware limit of ~400), and with ARP entries changing MAC address, some entries are not aged out of hardware. This can cause a mismatch between software and hardware when ARP is relearned with a different MAC address.
xos0050402 The command enable inline-power legacy does not power up pre-standard PoE devices, such as Cisco phone 7940/7960 that do not work with IEEE 802.3af standard detection and legacy capacitive detection. The enable inline-power legacy command now powers up legacy PoE devices that rely on the capacitive detection instead.
xos0054084 In Summit X440 stacks with about 500 identities, restarting the idmgr process, causes the IdMgr process to end unexpectedly with signal 11.
xos0058547 In Summit X440-24t switches, the maximum hotspot temperature should be changed to 70°C.
xos0058889 The output of the show fans command always indicates no fan installed (Empty).
xos0059380 Executing the command l3 l3table hash VRF=0 IP=IPaddr in BCM shell produces a Kernel oops.
Summit X460 Series Switches
xos0056342 Misleading power supply unit (PSU) traps are sent when PSUs are inserted or powered on/off.
xos0058053 Summit Stack run failover takes longer than usual time to boot the backup node.
xos0058250 Installing an ExtremeXOS image on a SummitStack after copying the image to the switch using SCP fails when there is no backup module assigned to the stack.
xos0059131 Debounce timer is not getting configured if stack ports reside in different units. Also, pre-emphasis configuration should be rejected in alternate stacking mode.
xos0059671 On Summit X460 series switches with 750 W power supplies installed, log messages Power usage data unknown appear.
xos0060057 Root port only sends STP agreement BPDU for the CIST and first two MSTIs.
xos0060517 When the service VLAN and L2 VMAN (untagged port) is configured on same port, after deleting port from VMAN, service VLAN's traffic is affected.
Summit X460-G2 Series Switches
xos0060736 gPTP propagation delay is not calculated correctly and ports become AVB incapable.
xos0061150 In X460-G2, CLI allows half-duplex config for ports even it is not supported.
xos0059827 During Summit stack failover, Kernel oops appears infrequently, caused by corruption in VR ID of resolved ARPs.
xos0059763 In Summit X460G2-24x-10G switches, the first VIM-2x(10G port 33) sometimes remains in ready state after reboot. This problem does not occur with the second VIM-2x port (34).
xos0059652 Combo copper ports do not work in Summit X460G2-24x-10G4 switches until SFP is also connected.
xos0055189 In Summit X460-G2 stacks, the command show power fails to display power usage and produces the error Failed reading Slot-B power on time during slot reboot.
xos0059395 Summit X460-G2 series switches do not produce warning log message (not compatible) when 100LX10 optics are inserted in the highest numbered 1G ports.
xos0055999 For Summit X670-G2 and X460-G2 series switches, currently the ENTITY-MIB:entPhysicalIsFRU for fan and power modules shows the values as FALSE. However since these fan modules and power modules are replaceable units, this should be shown as TRUE.
xos0058438 With MLAG and VRRP IPv6 configuration running for two days, Watchdog timer error, watchdog reboot, and memory depletion occur.
xos0058517 The command enable vman cep egress filtering incorrectly drops VLAN traffic if a port is part of both a VMAN and a VLAN.
xos0058896 Running slow path traffic for long durations causes Summit X460-G2 stack instability.
xos0059240 High CPU utilization and MAC learn thrashing occurring on fabric links forming a X460-G2 stack.
xos0059577 On Summit X460G2 series switches, can't install ExtremeXOS SSH XMOD image.
Summit X480 Series Switches
xos0059471 STP1D-ELSM: Traffic is not forwarding to STP1D "FORWARDING" port in stack/chassis.
Summit X670 Series Switches
xos0059128 In Summit X670 series switch, all LEDs are blinking at a faster rate.
Summit X670-G2 Series Switches
xos0060948 Kernel crashes on Summit X670G2-48x-4q switches when stack ports are configured for v80 stacking.
xos0059445 Link flaps occur when stacks are firmed with 3 m/5 m QSFP+ passive copper cables.
xos0058867 In Summit X670G2-48x-4q stack, system crash occurs with Process ipSecurity pid 1644 died with signal 11 error after deleting VLAN with aged timer for ARP entry configuration from IPAddreSecurity.
Summit X770 Series Switches
xos0059573 Factory installed image incorrectly references “x450” in the image name.
xos0058536 In a SummitStack, with X770 and X670-G2 series switches, after a run failover on master Summit X770, backup Summit X770, does not sync. The reverse works fine, and the Summit X670-G2 comes to synced state.
xos0055746 Stacking port link flap occurs on Summit X770 series switches when using 3-meter QSFP+ cables.
xos0053310 On Summit X770 series switches, partitioned 10G ports 77,78,81,82 do not appear in the output of the edp ports all command. Due to this, bi-directional traffic across these ports is not working even though the port is up with speed 10G.
xos0055686 VPLS: IGMP hello packets received on pseudowire are not forwarded to service ports on Summit X770 series switches.
E4G-200 Cell Site Routers
xos0060715 SNMP get does not return the product name for E4G-200-12x.
xos0058951 Executing show ces ces1 details command when CES state is “signaled” causes process ces pid to end unexpectedly with signal 6.
xos0058239 In E4G-200 cell site routers, power supply status displays incorrect value in the output of the show power command.
xos0054720 With network-zone configured, the command show access-list port 1:1 detail reverses the IP address match criteria.
xos0058810 Both show access-list usage acl-slice and debug hal show device acl-slice slot slot unitunit commands show the same output.
xos0059330 With dual master switch fabric module (MSM) installed, clear-flow ACL intermittently fails.
xos0060670 Switch becomes unresponsive and resets after issuing command show bgp neighbor.
xos0061310 DCBGP process ends unexpectedly after disabling BGP peer switches after the switch receives VPNv4 routes with the same next hop from two different L3VPN peers.
xos0059320 CCM is dropped for "Hardware Down MEPs" when they are received on ports that are blocked by ERPS.
xos0059146 With port-specific tags configured, source MAC addresses are removed and re-learned for all incoming ARP packets causing flooded traffic a for short time interval.
IP General
xos0050794 DCBGP process ends unexpectedly with signal 11 when rebooting or issuing the command [enable | disable] bgp on neighboring switches.
xos0058418 With inter VR routing configuration, traffic flows at line rate. After disabling the egress port, kernel panic occurs.
xos0058432 In Summit X670-G2 and X770 series switches for internal-table configuration, more L2 IPv4Mcast cache entries are limited to 4,000 instead of 8,000.
Identity Management
xos0058112 The output of the command show identity-management entries displays the ID name and domain name as null.
xos0058481 ACL error occurs when identity management detections are turned on and off.
xos0056340 Unknown Layer 2 traffic from Isolated subscriber VLANs are forwarded to the remote MLAG ports, even though local MLAG ports are up.
xos0058153 MLAG state flaps continuously when MLAG peers have different versions of ExtremeXOS.
xos0060693 FDB entries in MLAG peers are learned in the incorrect VMAN if the MLAG port is untagged in one VMAN and has CEP CVID configuration in another VMAN.
xos0060346 Traffic is not forwarded to secondary path after failover when LSP is added to VPLS.
xos0059733 LSP load sharing does not occur on Summit X460-G2 and BlackDiamond X8-100G4X switches.
xos0059729 Packet duplication occurs after upgrading one of the provider edge (PE) switches in VPLS tunnel.
xos0059266 VPLS: Traffic is dropped after RSVP LSP failover. Failover from primary path to secondary path (same LSP) works.

Changing service VLAN tag results in FDB not being learned. Learning resumes when you revert the VLAN tag.

This issue is on both BlackDiamond X8 and Summit X670G2 stacks.

xos0058785 Changing LSR-id of P node causes data traffic drop at ingress of a VPLS provider edge (PE) switch.
xos0058502 Traffic for existing VPLS instance is affected, when a port is removed from untagged VMAN of different VPLS instance.
xos0059733 LSP load sharing does not occur on Summit X460-G2 and BlackDiamond X8-100G4X switches.
xos0058460 Unable to configure multiple LSP from core node to spoke node in Summit X460-G2 and X670-G2 series switches.
xos0058395 STP is not working properly when added to VPLS.
xos0061069 In Netlogin ISP mode, client MAC addresses configured as static FDBs are removed after reboot.
xos0060633 Possible memory leak while cleaning the authVLANlist in NetLogin during unauthorization.
xos0059434 Unable to re-initialize MAC-authenticated client using extremeMacAuthClientInitialize OID.
xos0058929 The number of reported NetLogin authenticated clients reduces to zero even though clients are in fact authenticated. This happens only when the protocol-order is configured as dot1x > mac > web and some re-authentication-timer is configured.
xos0058610 On disabling NetLogin dot1x, several clients‘ authenticated value is not cleared fully and the command show netlogin dot1x shows the number of clients authenticated as "6" instead of "0".
xos0059557 Executing the command configure netlogin add mac-list 00:00:00:11:11:11 000000111111 ports 1 produces the following error:
ERROR: Invalid mask length supplied, must be between 1 and 48. Error was thrown and the mac list was not created
xos0059592 NetLogin authentication protocol order resets to default after save, reboot, and then restart.
xos0059593 The show netlogin mac command output no longer shows the default mac mode configuration.
xos0058054 Disabling NetLogin mac,dot1x,web-based is not disabling NetLogin mac,dot1x,web-based.
xos0053634 MAC-lockdown-timeout on user ports does not work as expected if Netlogin is enabled on those ports.
xos0061479 OpenFlow process signal 6 ends unexpectedly on Summit X460 stacks.
xos0060009 Some flows cannot be installed when OpenFlow FDB table is turned on.

When MS Lync application (MSLync 2.0 solution) attempts to install a LYNC OpenFlow flow with action set queue and set field IP DSCP with Hybrid Mode enabled, a OFPBAC_BAD_QUEUE error occurs. The flow is not installed.

The flow is properly installed after rebooting the switch.

xos0059621 Lync should be able to install flows for hybrid VLANs without knowing the VID for those VLANs.
xos0059604 In a stacked environment the Datapath ID changes with every stack reboot. This may cause OneController to go out of sync as the NodeID changes (stale nodes and flows in OneController).
xos0059288 Cannot install multiple XMOD files in BlackDiamond 8800 and BlackDiamond X8 switches due to lack of space.
xos0059160 Sending a flow install with the vlan-id-present field set to false from the OneController causes the flow to fail to install with an ExtremeXOS bad port error message. The flow installs properly by setting the field to true.
xos0059139 OneController uses set_field:0->vlan_vid for strip VLAN action causing an ExtremeXOS error.
xos0058978 Flows with both output port and controller actions cannot be added.
xos0058117 After enabling, and then disabling, OpenFlow globally and on a VLAN with standard mode, you cannot enable learning on the VLAN anymore.
xos0057346 Link flaps occur when optics such as 10/100/1000 Base-T or 100FX is inserted into Summit X460-G2 and X480 series switches.
xos0059579 SFP+ ports do not link up with active optical breakout cable. Cable is identified as not supported and treated as a 3rd-party cable.
xos0059574 OSPF packets larger than 8,192 are dropped even with jumbo frame enabled.
xos0056243 OSPF process ends unexpectedly during frequent route re-calculation caused by switch reboot or master switch fabric module. (MSM) failover or BFD flap events.
xos0058221 Rarely, OSPFv3 process ends unexpectedly with signal 11 when link flaps occur.
xos0059305 OSPF consumes a large amount of memory when a large number of Link State Acknowledgment packets are queued up for transmission.
xos0058994 POE is not delivering power to several model phones when legacy mode is enabled.
xos0060600 EPM process signal 5 ends unexpectedly when creating a new process with a dash in the name.
xos0058683 RIP packets are dropped when another VLAN has a secondary IP address configured.
xos0060103 SNMP walk does not return all VLANs under extremePortVlanStatsTable.
xos0058130 Q-Bridge MIB: On doing SNMP walk for dot1qVlanStaticEgressPorts and dot1qVlanStaticUntaggedPorts for ports in different slots, invalid port number values are returned.
xos0058110 Q-BRIDGE MIB: dot1qPortGvrpStatus and dot1qGvrpStatus should return value as "2" with MVRP disabled globally and at the per port level, but it returns value as "0" which is incorrect as per RFC.
xos0060243 The process rtmgr ends unexpectedly while changing IP address on VLAN when switch is booted with configuration such that an IP route has local or loopback interface address as gateway.
xos0060780 With VRRP enabled, local VLAN's direct route is not installed in hardware after reconfiguring the VLAN's IP address.
xos0058698 Traffic stops egressing after adding the egressing port to some other VLAN that is having PSTag configuration with other ports.
xos0057435 Packets are dropped when learning is disabled in a VLAN when its associated ports are configured with limit learning in another VLAN.
xos0060794 VRRP advertisement interval configuration got changed after upgrading EXOS from 12.6 to 15.4 or above releases. Issue happens only when interval is configured in milliseconds.
xos0053821 IPv6 neighbor advertisements for VRRP virtual IP address uses virtual MAC address as source MAC address instead of switch MAC address.
xos0061222 Gratuitous ARP packets for VRRP virtual IP addresses have ARP sender addresses as physical MAC addresses, instead of VRRP virtual MAC addresses.
xos0058020 When both the HTTP and HTTPS are enabled, only HTTPS works,