Known Behaviors

The following are limitations in ExtremeXOS system architecture that have yet to be resolved.

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Known Issues, Platform-Specific, and Feature Change Requests (CRs)

CR Number Description
Summit X460-G2 Series Switches
xos0059693 Only 'macdest', 'macsource', or 'port' policy rules can be applied to QinQ (that is, double-tagged) packets received on an untagged VMAN port.
xos0060980 Two-stage ACL with tunnel configuration does not work when class-id is greater than “1”.
xos0061484 Ports added using command line are removed by NetLogin on multiple VLAN VSA movement.
xos0060216 NetLogin MAC client does not move to service unavailable VLAN with dot1x MAC- and web-enabled on same port with auth database order as local.
xos0060140 Movement from non-NetLogin VLAN to multiple untagged VLANs does not occur in MAC-based mode.
xos0060351 In NetLogin web non-policy mode, you are unable to add more than one VLAN with VSA 211 (untagged VLAN) in MAC-based mode.
xos0058362 Ports configured as auto with auto-edge feature turned on, do not have this status correctly shown in show stpd port command. Port operation mode appears as “Point-point”.
Note: Port operation mode appears correctly in show stpd port detail command.