Upgrading Switch Engine

For instructions about upgrading Switch Engine software, see Software Upgrade and Boot Options in Switch Engine 32.3 User Guide .

A Switch Engine core image (.xos file) must be downloaded and installed on the alternate (non-active) partition. If you try to download to an active partition, the system displays the following error message: Error: Image can only be installed to the non-active partition.. A Switch Engine modular software package (.xmod file) can still be downloaded and installed on either the active or alternate partition.



New ExtremeSwitching 5420 and 5520 PoE switches with a Giga device MCU part (switch default ships with supported Switch Engine versions from the factory) will prevent the switch downgrade to older EXOS versions and prevent operating system switchover to unsupported VOSS versions.

The following error message is displayed during the downgrades to older versions:

Error: Failed to download image - summit_arm- does not 
include compatible PoE microcontroller support. See the User Guide for 
information on installing a newer software release. See the 
Hardware/Software Compatibility and Recommendation Matrices to verify the supported releases.

The switch can be identified for the inclusion of the Giga device MCU by checking the PoE firmware revision (5.0 or later) by entering the show inline-power stats command (line four):

# show inline-power stats
Inline-Power Slot Statistics
Firmware status               : Operational
Firmware revision             : 5.0.0b4
Total ports powered           : 3
Total ports awaiting power    : 20
Total ports faulted           : 0
Total ports disabled          : 1