Default Switch Engine Settings

The following table shows the default settings for Switch Engine starting with version 31.6, and shows any changes that have been made to these settings and in what version these changes were made.

Table 1. Default Switch Engine Settings
Feature 31.6 and later
1G behavior in 10G ports (5420 and 5520 series switches) Autoneg OFF for port when 1G optic is inserted in a 10G port
Account Lockout After 3 consecutive login failures, account is locked for 5 minutes. a
Auto-Discovery for Universal Hardware Enabled.
AVB Disabled.
BFD Strict Session Protection Disabled.
BGP Disabled.
Bluetooth Enabled.
BOOTP Relay Disabled.
CDP Enabled.
Configuration auto save Disabled.
Clear-flow Disabled.
Diagnostics Admin level privileges required to show diagnostics. a
DHCP Disabled.
DNS Cache Resolver and Analytics Disabled.
IPFIX Disabled.
IP NAT Disabled.
EAPS Disabled.
EDP Enabled on management port.
ELRP Disabled.
ESRP Disabled.
Extended Edge Switching (VPEX) Disabled.
ExtremeCloud IQ Enabled
FEC Enabled on Native 25Gb ports.
Identity Management Disabled.
IGMP Enabled, set to IGMPv2 compatibility mode.
IGMP Snooping Enabled.
Image Integrity Check Disabled.
IP Route Compression Enabled.
ISIS Disabled.
LLDP Enabled.
Log Admin level privileges required to show log. a
Logging memory buffer Generate an event when the logging memory buffer exceeds 90% of capacity. a
MAC Security Disabled.
MLD Disabled.
MLD Snooping Disabled.
MPLS Disabled.
MSRP Disabled.
MSTP Enabled.
NetLogin All types of authentication are disabled.
NTP Disabled.
ONEPolicy Disabled.
Policy rule model Hierarchical (Unless upgrading from 30.5 with a saved configuration set to access list.)
OpenFlow Disabled.
OSPF Disabled.
OVSDB Disabled.
Passwords Plain text password entry not allowed. a
PIM Disabled.
PIM Snooping Disabled.


Fast PoE

Perpetual PoE




RADIUS Disabled for both switch management and network login.
RIP Disabled.
RMON Disabled. However, even in the disabled state, the switch responds to RMON queries and sets for alarms and events.
sFlow Disabled.
SNMP server Disabled. a
SSH Disabled.
Stacking-support Enabled.
Stacking auto-discovery Enabled.
STP Enabled.
Syslog Disabled.
TACACS Disabled.
Telnet Enabled. a
VPEX IP Multicast Replication BPE
VPLS All newly created VPLS instances are enabled.
Watchdog Enabled.
Web HTTP server Enabled. a
Web HTTPS server Disabled. a

a If you choose enhanced security mode when initially setting up the switch or after running unconfigure switch all.