Integrated Application Hosting Support for ExtremeSwitching 5720

Beginning with version 32.3, the Integrated Application Hosting (IAH) feature is supported on ExtremeSwitching 5720 series switches with a Premier license. The Integrated Application Hosting (IAH) feature provides the ability to host guest VMs on Switch Engine-based switches. The IAH infrastructure includes:

VMs can be packaged as either OVAs (Open Virtual Appliance) or qcow2 or any QEMU-compatible (including VMDK) disk images. In addition to a Premier license, IAH requires a Solid State Storage Device SSD-120.

Supported Platforms

The ExtremeSwitching 5720 series switch.

Supported CLI Commands

The following commands support the IAH feature:

create vm vm_name ova ova_file {memory memory_size} {cpus num_cpus}

create vm vm_name image image_file {memory memory_size} {cpus num_cpus}

start vm vm_name

stop vm vm_name [forceful | graceful]

enable vm vm_name auto-start

disable vm vm_name auto-start

delete vm vm_name

configure vm vm_name {add | delete} ports portlist

configure vm vm_name cpus num_cpus

configure vm vm_name memory memory_size

clear vm storage

open vm vm_name {console}

show vm {vm_name | detail}

show vm vm_name guest interfaces