API Request Components

To construct a REST API request, combine the following components:

Component Description
The HTTP method
  • GET: Retrieve data from the server
  • DELETE: Delete a resource from the server
  • POST: Create a new resource or update an existing resource on the server
  • PATCH: Partially update a resource on the server
Note: The NSight API mainly uses the GET and POST methods to read data and update/edit existing data on the server respectively.
The base URL of the API http://NSight_host_name_or_IP_address/nsight-ui/api
The URI to the resource The resource to create, update, query, or delete. For example, /v1/ap_stats is the URI to retrieve access point statistics from the database.
Query parameters These parameters, if any, appear after the question mark (?) in the API request. The question mark followed by the parameters and their values is referred to as the “query string.” In the query string, each parameter is listed one right after the other with an ampersand (&) separating them. The order of the query string parameters does not matter. For example, /v1/alarmconfig?level=client&treeSelection=System where level and treeSelection are query parameters used to filter response data based on their values.
HTTP request headers The following HTTP headers are supported:
  • Accept: Required for operations with a response body, syntax is Accept: application/json.
  • Content-Type: Required for operations with a request body, syntax is Content-Type: application/json.
  • Authorization: Required to get an access token or make API calls.
JSON request body Required for most POST and PATCH requests.