Get ASA Profiles

To retrieve ASA profiles:
  1. Log in to the REST API server using administrator credentials. You must also forward the session ID variable with each API call.
  2. Use the GET method to access the tools/get-asa-profiles endpoint and fetch the ASA profiles.

    Sample Request

    curl -X GET --cookie auth_token=$cookie
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    Query String Parameters

    Parameter Required/Optional Description Data Type
    treeSelection Required Used to filter the results in the response. Possible values are:
    • /System: Returns results for all sites.
    • /System/<site>: Returns results for a specific site.

    Sample Response (200 OK)

    "data": [        
        "2GHz": {                
            "dcTh": -90,                
            "th": -105            
        "5GHz": {                
            "dcTh": -90,                
            "th": -105            
        "_id": "5bc85cf966c0a60df0758e9d",            
        "act": true,            
        "chGN": "custom",            
        "chts": [                
        "dt": 1000,            
        "pName": "test",            
        "rf": "both",            
        "sch": "On Demand",            
            "dm": "",                
            "dw": "",                
            "edt": "",                
            "rec": "One Time",                
            "sdt": "",                
            "t": ""            
        "st": 2,
        "user": "admin"        
    "success": true
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    Response Parameters

    Parameter Description Data Type
    chR The channel range. Integer Array
    dcTh The duty cycle threshold in dB. Integer
    th The power threshold in dB. Integer
    act Active flag. Boolean
    chGN The chart group name - Utilization/Physical Layer/Interference/Spectrum detail/custom String
    chts List of charts. Integer Array
    dt The dwell time. Integer
    pName The profile name. String
    sch The type of schedule. String
    sd The schedule details. Object
    dm Month Integer
    dw Week Integer
    etd End date Timestamp
    rec Recurrence String
    t Time String
    sdt Start date Timestamp
    _id The profile index. String