Update Report Configuration and Schedule

To configure and schedule reports:
  1. Log in to the REST API server using administrator credentials. You must also forward the session ID variable with each API call.
  2. Use the POST method to access the /reports_config endpoint and configure and schedule reports.

    Sample Request

    curl -X POST --cookie auth_token=$cookie
    -H "Content-Type: application/json"
    -d {    
    	"title":"Daily Offline Devices",    
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    Request Body Parameters

    Parameter Description Data Type
    title Report name String
    dest The destination. 0=local, 1=email. Integer
    ctx Context String
    email Destination email String
    dom Day of month Integer
    dow Day of week Integer
    rcrtime Recurrence time String
    fmt Report format - 'pdf', 'xls' Array
    rn Report template name String
    persist Persistence flag Boolean

    Sample Response (200 OK)

    The server returns the updated configuration.

    "success": true