Update APTest Preferences

To configure preferences for access point test reports:
  1. Log in to the REST API server using administrator credentials. You must also forward the session ID variable with each API call.
  2. Use the POST method to access the tools/set-aptest-preferences endpoint and configure report preferences.

    Sample Request

    curl -X POST --cookie auth_token=$cookie
    	-H "Content-Type: application/json"
    	-d {    
                    "purge": 363,
                    "id": extModel3026-1"
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    Query String Parameters

    Parameter Required/Optional Description Data Type
    treeSelection Required The type of access point entries to be returned in the response. Possible values are:
    • /System: Returns access point schedules across all sites.
    • /System/<site>: Returns access point schedule for a specific site.
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    Request Body Parameter

    Parameter Description Data Type
    purge Duration in days after which reports will be purged. Integer

    Sample Response (200 OK)