Get Report Templates

To fetch the reports config templates:
  1. Log in to the REST API server using administrator credentials. You must also forward the session ID variable with each API call.
  2. Use the GET method to access the /reports_config/templates endpoint and fetch the available reports template.

    Sample Request

    curl -X GET --cookie auth_token=$cookie

    Sample Response (200 OK)

    "data": {        
            "_id": "PCI_SYSTEM_TEMPLATE",                
            "app": "nsight",                
            "cb": "system",                
            "rn": "PCI Compliance Report",                
            "sh": true            
            "_id": "5bbc9e55f4dab00d5a912228",                
            "app": "nsight",                
            "cb": "admin",                
            "ri": null,                
            "rn": "12D",                
                    "name": "wlan",                                
                    "value": "all"                           
                    "appgrouptype": "appGroup",                               
                    "name": "appgroupapp",                               
                    "value": "trend"                           
            "sh": false            
    "success": true
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    Response Parameters

    Parameter Description Data Type
    app The name of the application. It is always "nsight". String
    cb The user name. String
    rn The name of the report. String
    ro The report object Array
    sh Has the value true if the report is scheduled and the value false if it is not. Boolean
    cf Filters Object
    oid Object ID. String