Create Regions

Regions are locations on the floor plan that identify an area on a floor.

For example:
  • In a retail store, the cosmetics aisle is marked with the region Cosmetics
  • Similarly, in an office, the Accounts Department is marked with the region Accounts.

Dividing the floor into logical regions allows for the collection of data on the number of visits in that region of the floor.

Each region is assigned one or more access points. Access points are assigned to engagement categories which drives category-based insights and trends.

Perform the following steps to create regions on the floor plan.

  1. In the main navigation bar on the ExtremeLocation Essentials screen, select Site Location Icon.
  2. Select the location.
  3. Select Floors to access the site floor plans.

    Site Location Screen



    Before creating a region, verify that access points are mapped on the floor plan in correct locations.
  4. From the Floor pull down menu, select the floor.
  5. Select AP.


    Access points are already mapped and assigned a category.
  6. Select Region.
  7. To add a new region, select Plus Icon.
  8. In the Region Name field, type a name for the region.
  9. In the Color field, pick a color.
  10. The cursor turns into a drawing tool, use the cursor to draw the region.
  11. Select Save.


    Repeat the process to add more regions.

    Site and region configurations are now complete. Sensors are detecting Wi-Fi devices which appear on the floor plan depending on proximity to the regions.

    Heatmap and Crowding data are available.

    View Wi-Fi Devices

    To view current Wi-Fidevices, select Device . The Historical device view option is useful to search a device with MAC address or device name and to track the movement of the device between different regions.

    View Heatmap

    To view the Heatmap, select Heatmap → Live. The screen also provides Historical views, however in a newly configured environment you need to wait for heatmap displays.

    You can download the Heatmap as a PDF.

    View Crowding Events

    When the crowding threshold exceeds the default value of 10, the ExtremeLocation Essentials generates a crowding event. ExtremeLocation Essentials generates a crowding event when the ratio of the number of visitors to the number of associates assigned to the category exceeds the threshold.

    To view Crowding events in a category, select Crowding and check categories with active crowding events.