Assign Access Points to Engagement Categories

There are two ways to assign an access point to an engagement category:
  • Assign the access point to a region when the region contains a single category
  • Manually assign the access point when a region has multiple access points and each access point is mapped to a different category or area within a region.
In the first method, when an access point is assigned to a region, it uses the same category that is mapped onto the region.

In the second method access points are manually assigned to categories individually.

Perform the following steps to assign access points to engagement categories.

  1. In the main navigation bar on the Access Points screen, select Access Point Icon.
  2. In the Actions column, select the right arrow in the access point row.


    APs are already mapped onto a pre-configured floor plan.

    ExtremeLocation Essentials automatically pulls the information from the ExtremeCloud IQ floor plan configuration.

    Access Point Screen
  3. Select the Edit Icon.
  4. Assign access points to various categories.


    As access points are physically located in specific locations on a floor plan, assigning them to the wrong categories generate inaccurate engagements and analytical data.
  5. Select Save.