Navigating the Dashboard

Perform the following steps to navigate the dashboard.

  1. In the main navigation bar, on the ExtremeLocation Essentials screen, select Dashboard Icon



    The dashboard marked with Star Icon automatically loads and is the default.
  2. To make the Category Analytics dashboard the default, select Category Analytics.


  3. When multiple sites are available under the ExtremeLocation Essentials account, to display data for a selected site, in the Location field, select the drop-down arrow and select the site.
  4. To configure the time range and apply time-based filters, in the Duration field, select the drop-down menu.


    The Duration field drop-down menu provides a set of pre-configured and custom time range options for filtering data.
    Scheduled Reports

    The Scheduled Reports option provides the workflow to create reports that run periodically.

  5. To configure the report schedule, create a new schedule and use the Dashboard and Location drop-down arrow to select the data of interest.
  6. Select Scheduled Reports Calendar Icon.
  7. Use the Recurrence Frequency field to configure the recurrence frequency.
  8. In the Email To field, type the email address of the report recipient.
  9. Select Create to finish the Scheduled Reports setup.
  10. To save the dashboard as a PDF or CSV file, select Download Iconand choose PDF or CSV.

    Dashboard Screen 2

    Crowding Events

    Select Crowding Events for each category to use data to avoid crowding by allocating enough associates to an area or category within a region.

    Category Path Analysis

    The Category Path Analysis widget maps the movement of devices between different categories.

    Category Path Analysis data estimates a category's footfall and traffic flow between various categories. For example, in a retail store or an exhibition hall, use category path analysis to plan and utilize floor space more efficiently.