Enable iBeacon Services

The iBeacon service allows access points with embedded iBeacon transmitters to broadcast numerical advertisements that trigger an action on blue tooth-enabled devices that are within range.

For example, an app running on a mobile device might react to an iBeacon signal by displaying welcome messages, sale announcements, or coupons.

For this exercise, only the iBeacon monitoring mode is in scope.

Perform the following steps to enable iBeacon Services.

  1. From the WIRELESS → Configuration Settings navigation list, select Application Management → iBeacon Services.
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    iBeacon Services
  2. Toggle iBeacon Service ON.
  3. In the Service Name field, type a service name, for example, BLE-Location.
  4. Select the Enable iBeacon Monitoring check box.
  5. In the iBeacon Interval field, type 60.
  6. Select Save to complete the configuration.