Replace a Power Supply

About this task

The appliance supports two power supplies, supplying hot pluggable power redundancy. The system distributes the power load across both power supplies to maximize efficiency. When a power supply is removed with the system powered on, the full power load is picked up by the remaining power supply.


The system ships with two power supplies and you have the option to purchase a replacement power supply using the ordering part number PSI-1300W-APL.


The system requires one power supply to operate normally. Remove and replace only one power supply at a time in a system that is powered on.
Each power supply has a single bi-color LED to indicate power supply status, as described in the following table:
Table 1. Power supply status LED indicator patterns
Power supply condition LED pattern
Output on and OK Green
No AC power to all power supplies Off
AC present or only 12VSB on (PS off) or PS in cold redundant state 1Hz blinking green
AC power cord unplugged or AC power lost. With a second PS in parallel still with AC input power Amber
Power supply warning events where PS continues to operate - high temp, high power, high current, slow fan 1Hz blinking amber
Power supply critical event causing a shutdown, failure, OCP, OVP, fan fail Amber
Power supply firmware updating 2Hz blinking green

To replace a power supply:


  1. Detach the power supply cord from the power supply that needs to be removed.
  2. Pull the power supply module using the handle, while pushing the latching tab outward to disengage the power supply from the unit.
  3. Replace the power supply module into the power supply bay.
  4. Push the power supply module into the bay until it locks into place.