Initial Network Connection and Configuration

Configure the inter-cluster connection via console port.

Before you begin

The 4120C appliance must be upgraded to the latest Universal Compute Platform firmware before installing the appliance on the network.

About this task

To connect the appliance and configure the inter-cluster connection:


  1. Connect the laptop serial port to the 4120C console port.
    If the laptop does not support RS232 interface, then obtain a USB to RS232 converter cable, which then connects to the RJ45-DB9F cable.
  2. Using PuTTY, TeraTerm, or another terminal emulator, connect to the serial port connection.
    Ensure that your serial connection is set properly with the following settings:
    • 115200 baud
    • 8 data bits
    • 1 stop bit
    • Parity none
    • Flow control none
  3. Using the console session, perform the following:
    1. At the password prompt, type user: admin
    2. For the initial password, type: abc123
    3. Press Enter.
  4. Read the configuration script paragraph to configure the following settings:
    • Admin password
    • Host Attributes Settings
    • Time Settings
    • DNS Settings
    • Data Plane Settings


    The system‘s default gateway must be pointing to a next hop connective via the service ports.
  5. At the end of each session, if you type Yes, the next session will begin. If you answer No, the session configuration is repeated.
  6. Press Enter.
    After the final session is applied, the Post Installation Configuration menu opens.
  7. Type A to apply settings and exit or a number for repeating the setup.
  8. Connect to a port on which management access was enabled during the CLI Wizard Setup.
  9. Open a web browser and, in the browser address bar, type: https://Your_Mgmt_Ipaddress:5825.
    The Extreme Universal Compute Platform‘s login screen is displayed. Refer to the Extreme Universal Compute Platform Deployment Guide for more information.
  10. Type the admin and password information that were created when setting up the installation wizard.


    An installation wizard is available to help configure the 4120C for new deployments. Refer to the Extreme Universal Compute Platform Deployment Guide for more information.