Connect the Data Ports

About this task

Data ports 1 and 2 are 1/10 GbE RJ45 ports. Ensure that the device to be connected at the other end of the segment is powered on.

To connect a twisted pair cabling:


  1. Connect the twisted pair segment to the appliance by inserting the RJ45 connector on the twisted pair segment into the desired RJ45 port.
  2. Verify that a link exists by checking that the Activity Link LED is on (solid green or blinking green). If the Activity Link LED is off, perform the following steps until it is on:
    1. Verify that the cabling being used is Category 5 or better (Category 6 or better for 10Gbps connection), with an impedance between 85 and 111 ohms and a maximum length of 100 meters (328 feet).
    2. Verify that the device at the other end of the twisted pair segment is turned on and is properly connected to the segment.
    3. Verify that the RJ45 connectors on the twisted pair segment have the proper pinouts, and check the cable for continuity.
  3. If a link is not established, contact Extreme Networks.
    Data ports 3 and 4 provide QSFP28 ports that can support 40 or 50Gbps transceivers, as well as 1, 10, and 25Gbps transceivers through special adapters. Refer to the optics page at the following location for a list of pluggable transceivers supported for the 4120C: