Front and Back Panel Information

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4120C front panel layout
4120C front panel with hard disk bays.
Callout Description
1 Hard disk drive bays
2 Front video connector
3 USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports


Although the appliance has 5 USB connectors (two on the front panel and three on the back panel), only one USB connector can be in use at a time.
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4120C back panel layout
4120C back panel ports
Callout Description
1 Port 1 (Data Port 1) 1/10 GbE, RJ45
2 Port 2 (Data Port 2) 1/10 GbE, RJ45
3 Port 3 (Data Port 3) 1/10/25/40/50 GbE, QSFP28
4 Port 4 (Data Port 4) 1/10/25/40/50 GbE, QSFP28
5 VGA port (do not use)
ICC1 Inter-Cluster-Connect 1; 10 GbE, RJ45
ICC2 Inter-Cluster-Connect 2; 10 GbE, RJ45
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4120C front control panel
4120C front control panel buttons
Callout Description
1 System ID button with integrated LED
2 NMI button
3 ICC1 port activity LED
4 ICC2 port activity LED
5 Data Port 2 activity LED
6 Data Port 1 activity LED
7 System cold reset button
8 System status LED
9 Drive activity LED
10 Power button with integrated LED

Front Faceplate

The appliance comes with an optional front panel faceplate attached to the unit. You can monitor the system status indicators with the faceplate in place.