Resolved Issues in ExtremeXOS and Switch Engine 31.7.1-Patch1-77

The following issues were resolved in ExtremeXOS 31.7.1-Patch1-77. Release 31.7.1-Patch1-77 includes all fixes up to and including the following versions: and earlier, 12.0.5, 12.1.7, 12.2.2-patch1-12, 12.3.6, 12.4.5, 12.5.5, 12.6.3, 12.6.5, 12.7.1, 15.1.5, 15.2.4, 15.3.3, 15.4.1, 15.5.1, 15.5.2, 15.6.1, 15.6.2, 15.7.1, 16.1, 16.1.2, 16.1.3, 21.1, 22.1, 22.2, 22.3, 22.4, 22.5, 22.6, 30.1, 30.2, 30.3, 30.4, 30.5, 30.6, 30.7, 31.1, 31.2, 31.3, 31.4, 31.5, 31.6, and 31.7. For information about those fixes, see the release notes for the specific release.

Release 31.7 also includes fixes for issues found in Switch Engine 31.6. Release 31.6 was the first version of Switch Engine.

Table 1. Resolved Issues, Platform-Specific, and Feature Change Requests (CRs) in 31.7.1-Patch1-77
Defect Number Description
EXOS-32253 Incorrect error message logged when a 40G optic is inserted into a 100G non-partitionable port.
EXOS-32277 A Fabric Attach Auth-Key length of 32 characters does not work.
EXOS-32437 The IP address is reversed in the SNMP response message.
EXOS-32665 SNMP query on pethPsePortIndex is returning both slot and port information instead of just port values.
EXOS-32679 Incorrect values are returned for Tx and Rx power sensor states when polled via SNMP.
EXOS-32699 The error message Failed to set port dot1p 8 is displayed in the log.
EXOS-32702 stops functioning after a certain amount of run time.
EXOS-32708 ELRP loop observed on the port that was converted from a cascade to a non-cascade port.
EXOS-32710 The log message Failed to add legacy capacity license is displayed after every reboot of the switch.
EXOS-32795 Edge-Safeguard blocked an MLAG port when the MLAG device reboots, with no signs of a loop.
EXOS-32860 Process HAL crashes with signal 4, leading to a switch reboot.
EXOS-32867 SLPP Guard not disabling the ports if CPU congestion is present.
ExtremeSwitching 5320 Series Switches
EXOS-32861 The following PoE - 54V DC output error log message is displayed after a full power-cycle:
13:03:20.03 <Erro:HAL.PoE.Error> (summitPoeRecoveryCheck) pse_system_power_query failed.
13:03:09.99 <Info:HAL.Sys.Info> (halPSDetectionProcessing) Internal Power Supply is disconnected.
13:03:09.99 <Info:HAL.Sys.Info> (summitPerPsuStatusToHalState) PSU 54V DC output changed.